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    mother of god....


    Wow... I would have been impressed with just the Faulk! Haha no, but is it ft?
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    wow stacked oiler box.... sick sick sick hits. congrats. make sure to post up the pic on here when you get that Eberle in

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    Congrats on a mini lotto pull!

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    Very nice pull! Wish I was that lucky with boxes haha, I'd redeem it and hold onto it when you have it in hands. Wait for the NHL season to start back up and them move it for some serious $$$!

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    WoW, amazing hits in those 2 boxes.
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    the postman showed up on my door yesterday. I was a little surprised as I didn't expect any package.

    Redeemed November 15 and I'm already holding it in my hands. :D

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    Wow that's a great turnaround time! Beautiful card!
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