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    2012 Bowman Chrome retail mojo

    I haven't bought but a few packs in the past couple months and have taken a significant break from collecting and messing with sportscards in general. However, my awesome wife came home the other night with a Bowman Chrome rack pack and in the second pack I pulled a Trevor Bauer Gold refractor auto #/50 (redemption). Needless to say...I was very happy.

    In other news, I hit another great flea market find. Believe it or not, I paid 8 whole dollars for a a full 3-mini hobby box of 2011 Legends racing and 2002 Optima Hobby. The Optima didn't yield any memorabilia cards, but the Legends hobby box yielded a jeff gordon auto #/50, a jeff Gordon triple memorabilia card /99, a Donnie Allison auto, an auto card and event used card of a crew chief (same guy on both cards). I also pulled a couple other memorabilia cards. I'll be adding scans when I get the chance.
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    Cool stuff Don,lately I've been picking up racing just to diversify,great finds for 8 dollars Congrats
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    Pickup of the year! Very Sweet!

    Always looking for autos of Giants stars, and other stars and HOFer's

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    I would now watch for Black cats, and be careful walking under things :) I haven't hit that much in a gd year of opening product.
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