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    Slowwwwwwwww mail days :(

    What with devoting my life saving to Forever Rivals, everything else is suffering, ITG is an albatross around my neck now!!

    Four more base cards, up to 49/50, it's down to Joe Malone, and hopefully the LCS keeps its eBay stock in the store, so that'll be that, at least for the base set :)

    Then some OPCs for all the Rainbow projects, plus a Jacques Plante insert

    And finally some neglected jersey card set stuff. 03/04 Crown Royale is coming along nice for a project I refusse to pay anything over 2 bucks a card for hahahaaa.

    That's it. Feel free not to comment, because really, what is there to say???
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    Got any Keslers?

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    Got any Keslers?

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    Can't wait to see more ITG Forever Rivals stuff!!!
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    Any ITG Ultimate 7 from the Habs

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    Beauty Super Joe.
    Main wants: Schneider Cup RPA, OEL 1/1s and highends
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    Quote Originally Posted by c_bass22 View Post
    Can't wait to see more ITG Forever Rivals stuff!!!
    Only one more of those shows to go, my wallet is empty and Christmas is coming............I did pick up Joe Malone after work at Collector's Den, so the base set is COMPLETE!!! :D
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    Got any Keslers?

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