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    CNC Group Break of Epic Proportions

    First off, I would like to send many thanks to a well deserving CNC staff who, since my first break, have put on nothing but the most entertaining and action packed breaks I have ever been in. If you are not a CNC member, I highly suggest you check them out. They will not dissapoint, I guarantee. Now down to business. I have been breaking with them for around 6 months, and have got MANY smoking cards from their rocking breaks, but the last one I was in was by far the most epic. I got a great pick at number three, in a full case of 11/12 Cup. As an Oilers fan, I was naturally bummed, although not surprised, they got scooped at #1, which was followed by Pittsburgh at #2. I got Colorado with my pick, as well as one of the available dead teams in Minnesota. Man, did the card gods ever shine on me. First card that got pulled was this pretty solid, followed by a great hit for a dead team, and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOM. All for trade, or sale. Thanks for looking, and once again, many thanks to the fine folks at CNC.

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    Not a bad haul though. Is the full break posted? I'm looking for a few ullstrom's for my pc.
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miscs75 View Post
    Not a bad haul though. Is the full break posted? I'm looking for a few ullstrom's for my pc.
    The whole break is uploaded to CnC's YouTube channel.

    Great hits there, beautiful Landeskog RPA!
    Thanks to nyr4life for the amazing banner!
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    (Not looking for any multi-player cards)

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