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Thread: Senior Bowl

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    updated again

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    Hey man im interested in these guys so far. do you know the best place to get 8x10?

    Kenjon Barner
    Chris Harper
    Kiko Alonso
    Hidden Content
    My wants are
    Want Jarrett Hoffpauir-38 /69= 55 %
    Also looking for these guys- Eric Hosmer, Salvado Perez, Allen Craig, Byron Buxton (Twins Prospect), Autsin Wilson (Mariners Prospects)
    I DO NOT trade by BV

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    Jordan Hill - Penn State
    instrestde in him lmk

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    I can print off photos of every player if you need any but especially interested in Tyler Wilson, Chris Harper, Dustin Hopkins, zaviar gooden, kiko alonso, mike glennon, robert alford, and the oregon ducks players
    Collecting: Yordano Ventura, Salvador Perez, Billy Butler, Mike Moustakas, and especially Eric Hosmer.
    Girls can Collect Cards Too!
    Always looking for Autographs with Bible verse inscriptions
    Aspiring photographer that uses her own photos for ttm

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    intersted in these guys so far..l
    1. EJ Manuel - Florida State
    16. Brian Winters - Kent State
    17. Kenjon Barner - Oregon
    18. Tyler Wilson - Arkan
    29. Chris Harper - Kansas State
    30. Jordan Hill - Penn State

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    Intersted in Johhny Adams. Big MSU guy.

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    Interested in Tavarres King, Shawn Williams, and Rambo.

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    when do nu need the items by?

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    Brian Winters - Kent State
    Jordan Hill - Penn State
    Nico Johnson - Alabama

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