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    15$ PP for best card

    Looking to spend 15$ paypal on the best card I can get.... Not looking at buckets, just put what you have to offer either in the thread or pm.

    I will decide on a card tomorrow night.



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    pick out $12 worth from this group....LMK
    Balt Ravens
    11 R&S Boldin sp GU, #1!/99, 2 color, $11.

    Detroit Lions:
    10 Classics Sanders Legend SP to 91/100, mint, card #202, sell $6.
    11 R&S Leshoure Rook Rev. GU, # 165/299, blue, $9.

    2011 R&S Longevity #ed base Peyton manning $2.

    Miami Dolphin/ college photo and HOF collectors:
    10 SPx Winning Mat B. Marshall patch, 3 color, # 009/125, WWP-RM, $6

    Minn Vikings:
    10 R&S Prime patch of Shiancoe, 3 color, card #85, sp #13/25, mint, sell $11

    New England:
    10 R&S Cross training insert of Gronkowski, card #26, not numbered, $4.

    10 Classics McCourty rc, numbered, mint, card #131, xxx/999, sell $6.

    11 R&S Powell autoed Jumbo swatch, mint, card # 275, #205/299, $9.

    10 R&S Prime GU of Cotchery, mint, card # 101, sp to # 40/50, green and white, sell $ 6.

    10 SPx Winning Mat B. Marshall patch, 3 color, # 009/125, WWP-RM, $6
    Need N. MacKinnon, Suh/Stafford/Calvin Johnson/Denard Robinson/Barry Sanders/Reilly Reiff/ newer Red Wings/ Top rcs from Champs/ pre-1976 Sabres/Wings/Lions/Pistons.
    Fb list is: Hidden Content scans are in Picassa album= Hidden Content Salespage is: Hidden Content

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    Tom Brady , Aaron Rodgers , Andrew Luck , Cam Newton , Mike Trout ,Bryce Harper , Derek Jeter , ARod , Pujols, HOF's and Top Prospects , Lebron James , Kobe Bryant ,Michael Jordan , Rondo ,Durant ,Patriots ,Yankees ,Celtics ,Redsoxs ,Packers and
    many others I collect

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    $15 dlvd lmk
    i trade by book , sell by SV and when reasoning fails Common sense should step in
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    2005 Leaf Certified Mirror Black Lee Evans base card #1/1
    I only pay via paypal invoice.

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    Please pm me. I can do $15 on the following . Joe Flacco/ Allen Patrick 2008 Sage #A-15
    Hidden Content I ship once a week on Monday or Tuesday and only can check my mail once a week to confirm trades have been received. Please pm me if interested in seeing my FB and BB trade lists.
    Basketball staff needed please message me if interested in joining the staff!!

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    up for the night crew... gonna give this till about midnight maybe earlier if the right card is put up.

    not looking to spend less than 15... one card for all 15.



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    Can do this SICK Lewis for $15

    Enjoy my's always changing...

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    Gonna let this go until the morning, hoping for a few more offers, dont want to resort too the bay.

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