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    id take a price on all non auto stuff
    If you lowball me on a 2.00 offer, please prepare to be ignored. Come on folks...

  2. 2bros - Exclusive 2 (2/19) - Moved 4/25
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    How much on Alshon Wilson and luck(ref)

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    pms sent EVERYTHING SOLD EXCEPT THE AUTOS alshon jefferey /75 russel wilson redemption jarius wright

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    His much for the autos? Thanks.

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    Ill take a price on the autos.
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    Looking to add to this:
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    price on the rest
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    I no longer buy from ANYONE unless it is through paypal. Thanks for your understanding.

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    Price on Wilson.
    Currently in the hospital with my father until 12/12 with limited internet access. Will be completing trades when I return.
    ***Need 2012 A&G Guys in Hats and Fashionable Ladies***
    Currently Job Prospecting, give me some leeway on shipping time. Thanks!
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    pms sent stilll got the 3 autos

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