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    WTB: Toews, Hodgson, Schwartz!

    Hey all! Looking to boost up some of the cards in the PC! I have included a list but am not limited to it! Shoot me what you have! PM Works best!

    Jonathan Toews:
    1)Hard Signed Auto Patch
    2)Hard Signed Auto Mem
    3)Hard Signed Auto (Can be dual player, triple ETC)
    4) Everything else

    12-13 O Pee Chee Retro Blank Back Jaden Schwartz #591
    12-13 Score Hot Rookies Black Ice Jaden Schwartz #521
    12-13 Score Hot Rookies Signatures Jaden Schwarzt #521
    12-13 Artifacts Emerald Rookies Jaden Schwartz #194 /99
    12-13 Artifacts Blue Rookies Jaden Schwartz #194 /85
    12-13 Artifacts Gold Spectrum Rookies Jaden Schwartz #194 /25
    12-13 Artifacts Black Rookies Jaden Schwartz #194 /5

    11-12 Dominion Jerseys Cody Hodgson #8 /100
    11-12 Prime Duals Cody Hodgson/Zach Kassian #33 /225
    11-12 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Dual Jersey Jordan Eberle/Cody Hodgson UDJ-JC /50
    2012 Panini National Rookie Cody Hodgson /499
    11-12 SP Authentic Autographed Future Watch Cody Hodgson #224 /999
    11-12 SP Authentic Rookie Holo F/X Die Cuts Cody Hodgson RFX28
    11-12 Titanium Reserve Autographs Cody Hodgson #13
    11-12 Titanium Home Sweater Prime Autographs Cody Hodgson #28 /25
    Collecting: Jonathan Toews&Martin Jones
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    Have these Toews:

    08-09 Tundra Tandems Thornton/Toews jersey
    08-09 Trilogy Spotlights Toews/Thornton/Nash jersey

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    Just got this one

    2008-09 SP Game Used Extra SIGnificance #XSGTP Carey Price/Jonathan Toews (03/25) BV 80.00$

    No scan yet but let me know and I'll take one
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    still have the malkin spgu letter auto, think I have something for trade if you;re looking to trade, lmk and I;ll send you a pic of a hard signed patch auto of Toews /50

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