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    AVOID R&S Longevity This Year

    Target didnt have Chrome, so against my better judgement, I grabbed a box of this stuff...

    4 single color jersies (weeden was the only decent name) and the parallels are not even #d this year.

    Stay away, stay FAR away...let my 50 dollar throwaway be a lesson to the rest of you!
    taking a break from trading

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    Trying to super Collect Herman Moore
    I collect UVA (University of Virginia Cavaliers) alumni and The Pittsburgh Steelers!

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    i figured, with my recent hobby and retail luck, that i might do ok...Nope, not at all...
    taking a break from trading

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    was it hobby?? i had some good luck w that

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    it was the target exclusive box. 4 hits for 49.99- but the hits are 1.00 jersies at best...and they are ugly
    taking a break from trading

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    oo damn that hurts, shouldve just donated the 50 to panini, prob couldve got more return thru taxes....

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    yeah, pretty much... oh well, its part of the game we all play.
    taking a break from trading

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    i learned last year, this stuff is always junk!
    Go Gators and Bears!
    I only collect Justin Blackmon and I guess I am getting in the SUPER collector range of Alshon Jeffery! Over 40 autos and rising!

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