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    WTB Magic the Gathering Cards

    A couple of friends are coming home for the holidays. I would like to purchase a lot if I could to be able to make us some decks. I have no idea on the price of these things, I just know it would be fun to play again. Let me know what you have - can do paypal!

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    ive got hundreds of commons and uncommons available if that would interest you
    taking a break from trading

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    I guess depends on how much. Was hoping for a large lot with rares also to make it a little funner for us to look through.

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    i can add in some rares, no problem at all- i dont have any of the huge rares, but have quite a few decent ones that arent in my decks
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    Well shoot me a price and a count of cards and lets see what we can do!

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    okie dokie- i can do an 800 count box for 40 shipped- which breaks down to about a nickel per card shipped. Ill mix in uncommons and rares, there would be at least 25 rares (more if I can find them)
    I can add in land, or go without if you dont need it
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    Ok that sounds good to me. I wouldnt need any lands yet~

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    if youd like to post it up, go ahead and Ill PM you my paypal info- Ill be able to ship tomorrow if you can pay tonight
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