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    looking for mcfarlanes 49ers, aaron rodgers; sf giants

    I am looking to purchase or trade for 49er mcfarlanes; montana, rice, young, lott, gore, crabtree. Also looking for aaron rodgers, and SF giants mcfarlanes.
    I am also looking for military mcfarlanes, which have not been released since 2008.

    I have available
    peyton manning (broncos)
    tim tebow (jets)
    matt ryan (falcons)
    brett favre (jets)
    RG III

    I have a few others as well. Then ones in my area that are easy to get are rob gronkowski, Eli manning and Tebow. Jeremy Lynn.

    I have a Toys R Us. Target and a gib 5 to look for figures in baseball, basketball, football and Hockey. If you are looking for a figure let me know who it is and i will look
    Rookies: aaron Rodgers (any and all), Jordan Rodgers, joe montana, Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, peyton manning jerry rice, colin kaepernick, Mike trout, buster posey, Pablo Sandoval, matt cain, Madison bumgarner, Andrew luck, kyle lohse, any current sf giant gud cards, current 49ers, current raiders, kobe rookies, Kevin Durant rookies, lebron james rookies

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    I have a few different Bonds figures if interested. LMK
    Only collect Eric Moulds and Dominik Hasek...

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    I have a Terrell Owens 49ers figure still in package

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    i've got a collectors edition Barry Bonds 756 homerun figure if interested.
    Always looking to trade, please take a look:
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