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Thread: Colin Kaepernick

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    Colin Kaepernick

    Very impressive against a stingy defense. Yeah, the Bears have no QB playing, now, but their D is at full strength. Kaepernick is shredding them. I always thought he showed flashes of brilliance, but I think tonight performance (assuming no huge mistakes) may make him a contender for Smith's job.

    Also, if he continues this kind of playing, expect a Flynn bump on Ebay, tonight.
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    There is definitely something special happening here. I hereby declare Kaepernicksanity underway!

    I'm glad that I did a quick run through sportlots and COMC early tonight. Got 3 RCs (Chrome, Platinum, and Precision) and two refractors (Chrome and Platinum Xfractors) for just under $30 shipped. I suspect that by morning any auto RC's will be grabbing some hefty bucks.
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    Btw, can we officially call 1-game price bumps Flynning? That Lions game made him a demi-God...until Russell Wilson took his job in Seattle.
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    He may command a hefty salary coming up or he just may win himself a job. Great game from him so far.
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    i guess the job is not Smith's for sure when he comes back. Harbugh has said he'll go with hot hand.

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    I think his performance isn't good for the Niners overall, to be honest. If they go with Kaep, Smith is done there, I believe...can't have a QB rotation. You can't keep switching back and forth. Will be interesting to follow.
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    I think Gruden said it best that it isn't bad to have two good QBs. But, Colin will eventually want his own team to command. There isn't any good reason to pull Alex Smith out, now.
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    Agree with Lance. Don't see a reason for smith to lose his job. Not too many teams out there with two competent QB's. Some have none.

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    Alex will eventually get his job back, but Kaepernick did shred the best D in the NFL.

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    If he did that against like the Jaguars, I wouldn't be as impressed. Doing this against the Bears says something.
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