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    Anyone interested in Jakks WWE Classic Superstars?? Have some FT/FS :)

    Hello All~

    I was cleaning out my moms closet of stuff I left at her house when I moved and came across a box of WWE jakks figures. Don't really have the room to store them so I thought I would see if maybe anyone would be interested in them on here. All are unopened and there original packaging :)

    I have :

    Doink series #19

    Junkyard Dog Series #4

    Junkyard Dog Series #26

    Tully Blanchard Series #15

    Sgt Slaughter series #27

    Big John Studd series #2

    The British Bulldogs 2 pack

    The Brain Busters & Bobby Heenan 3 pack

    Jerry Lawler & Andy Kaufman 2 pack

    CM Punk ECW series #1P1020243.jpg
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    Might be interested in the Punk. Do you have a picture and price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kosar19browns View Post
    Might be interested in the Punk. Do you have a picture and price?

    pm sent :)

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    pic of the 3pack?
    i respond to pm's faster then threads

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