Jack O'Callahan is 55 years old, living in the Chicago area, and for ther past twenty years has been the co-owner of Beanpot Financial Services. With hockey long ago in his rear view mirror of life, the challenges of the financial markets are where the Boston University grad is always looking for a win.

After four years playing for Coach Jack Parker's Boston University program, followed by joining Coach Herb Brooks' Olympic squad that captured hockey gold in Lake Placid, throw in 389 National Hockey League games with the Blackhawks and Devils, Callahan put more than a few miles on his skates. What makes Jack, a former sixth round draft pick in 1977 of Chicago, in a unique class than many of his fellow players, when his career was over, it was and remains over. No coaching, no scouting, no consulting, hockey was something for the scrapbook. Long before O'Callahan hung up his skates, the kid from Charlestown, MA already knew what career choice would be receiving all his energies .