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    Wink WTTF: Deron Williams and Brook Lopez!

    Looking for those guys I listed in the title. I recently got a few more cards in my bucket so CMB and tell me what you like!

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    05-06 Bazooka 170 Deron Williams
    05-06 Topps 223 Deron Williams x2
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut #113 Deron Williams x2
    05-06 Bazooka Mini 170 Deron Williams
    Reggie Miller need list:

    1998-99 SPx Finite #190 /3350


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    I have some B. Lopez autos in the bucket
    Hidden Content

    Looking for anything of Chris Bosh, Dallas Mavs , LBJ, All-star cards.

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    do you need base lots as well?
    Always looking to add to my USA Basketball , Michael Jordan , and Pippen Collection.

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    LMK if you like these and we can talk trade...thanks!

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    Can use your Brandon Jennings Choice Blue auto

    Got these very nice D.Williams:

    My Bucket: Hidden Content

    PC: Al Jefferson: GU/269 AU/161 25x 1/1 27x Exquisite

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    I have these that you might be interested in.
    Deron Williams

    As well as this nice Coby Fleener

    And a really nice looking Brook Lopez Relic

    PLMK which interest you. Thanks!

    I had my identity stolen in the summer of 2012. You may have seen some posts related to it. I've finally kind of gotten things resolved. I lost a LOT of money. I'm hoping to get back in to trading on SCF and selling some stuff as well. Thanks for being patient with me. Let's work out a deal!

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    Please pm me if you can use any of the following. Ignore the numbers in front they are from my trade list.
    21. Brook Lopez 10-11 gold standard auto #36 94/99 one cornea has some wear.
    37. Deron Williams 07-08 SP game used signifance auto #SI-DW
    Game used and patches
    2. Deron Wiliams 09-10 Absolute Memorabilia 2 color patch #15 24/25
    26. Deron Williams 10-11 Donruss production line gu #43 180/399
    36. Deron Williams 10-11 limited banner season gu #19 42/99
    Hidden Content I ship once a week on Monday or Tuesday and only can check my mail once a week to confirm trades have been received. Please pm me if interested in seeing my FB and BB trade lists.
    Basketball staff needed please message me if interested in joining the staff!!

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