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Thread: 3 boxes Strata, meh

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    3 boxes Strata, meh

    stuff failed to impress other than my blackmon pc pull! I should have done 1 panini black! Oh well i started opening some loose packs he had left, and opened 2 boxes and then some more loose packs from a 3rd box!





    got this but traded it at the LCS! took a pic before the shop owner got it!

    not since my flacco 1/1 have i pulled a nice patch like this and its PC TOO!

    Clear Cuts

    wasnt he cut, topps?

    # to 150

    # to 55, wifes jets pc

    # to 30
    Go Gators and Bears!
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    The Blackmon GU is awesome, great stuff.

    To answer your question Childs wasn't cut but had season ending tears in his knees.
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    Those clear cuts and jersey card were all really decent pulls with legit rookies except the Childs. The regular autos were definitely worse than meh though. Overall not bad at all IMHO
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    Sweet pc pull on the Blackmon, If you decided to sell the Decastro let me know.
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    Man... You had much better luck with Panini this year bud

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    if u end up selling the lamichael let me know!

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    i dont have padded envelopes folks, sorry, so NO trades or sales! The hillman has a bend in the back corner so it is not fs/ft, and the lamichael james is 100. I wont sell it until he is given a chance, and there is only one on ebay with a slight 2 color patch. This one has the whole arm sleeve.
    Go Gators and Bears!
    I only collect Justin Blackmon and I guess I am getting in the SUPER collector range of Alshon Jeffery! Over 40 autos and rising!

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    That was a pretty solid Strata break based on the other ones I've seen. Definitely a sick patch and that Broyles patch was pretty solid too.
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    You did a lot better out of 3 then I did out of 4. That Blackmon should be a 1/1. You talk about hitting a guy that was cut. How about Dwight Jones from the texans who told them in May he wasn't playing and he still has an auto in this stuff. Epic fail topps. Congrags on the Blackmon it's really sick
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