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    Oh the drama! An apology, how about a Big thank you to Hab's management for yet another horrible signing! Gomez, 7.5M for 1 goal...lmaof...Didn't say Cole was selfish, if anything, smart to get 5M in hand so it doesn't matter if he gets cut too!

    As for Hammer, I Acknowledged he has already made his fortune but Hab's fans are notorious for their "sensitivity" so you were probably so upset you didn't even get to the end of what I wrote...wait til Cole goes 10 games without a goal, you will be the one demanding an apology and crying to trade the "bum"!!
    Maybe the Flyer's will take him for a few rolls of tape and he will score 40 for em!!!

    ah well, no hard feelings, just having fun....good times, Go Mooseheads, at least Mackinnon and Drouin are fun to watch...
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    Obviously you took Hamrlik's quote too literally. He was implying that all the players are focused on money and "winning" the lockout (and have lost more money than what they'd get if they actually took a deal) rather than actually playing the game they love. Cole was the easiest person to take a shot at because it was who took a shot at him first.
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    ^ this...too focused on "winning"...a battle of enormous Ego's perhaps not even their own, (player's) but that of "reps", lawyers and such...For the life of me I wish they would invite a 3rd party, a mediator in, but that would take away the 2 primary egos "power" out of the equation, that power I can only imagine Fehr and Bettman are Completely drunk with at this point...
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