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    Holiday Sale Thread- Eden Hazard RC, sealed packs, Brian Ching MLS jersey

    Hi everyone,

    This is my Holiday Sale Thread... (aka the I broke the axle on my car so I need to re-coup funds after paying for it )

    All purchases get a free gift from me as a Holiday bonus. Depending on how nice/naughty you are will depend on the gift. Please remember this is a sales thread so do not PM me asking for trades

    Here is what I have for sale (still in the process of adding stuff):

    2012-13 Topps Match Attax Bundesliga
    - Starspieler- Bellighausen
    - Matchwinner- Kohler
    - Limited Editions- Hunt, Bellinghausen, Meier, Helmes, Beck, Daems, Szalai, Subotic

    2011-12 Topps Match Attax Bundesliga
    - 200 sealed Packs
    - 100 Club Raul
    - All Limited Editions EXCEPT Fritz, Jansen, and Friend
    - Have cards from the EXTRA update set too

    2010-11 Topps Bundesliga Chipz
    - Have a bunch of doubles (ask for your players), have Reus, Ribery, Lahm, etc.

    2009-10 Topps Match Attax Bundesliga
    -100 sealed Packs
    (may able to get more packs if you are interested)
    - Have practically most base/starspielers/logos/matchwinners

    2008-09 Topps Match Attax Bundesliga
    - Have practically all base/starspielers/logos/matchwinners
    - Official Binder
    - Limited Editions of Toni and Schaefer

    2007-08 Match Attax EPL
    MOTM- Have almost all
    Hat Trick Hero- Ronaldo

    Miscellaneous other stuff
    - 1994 Mundicromo Raul (Gonzalez Blanco) RC
    - 2005 UD MLS Brian Ching Jersey (blue)
    - 2009-10 French Adrenalyn Ligue 1 Eden Hazard RC
    - Various David Beckham cards (composing list now)
    - 2010 Panini World Cup Adrenalyn Champions- Lahm/Essien/Ronaldo
    - 2010 Panini World Cup Adrenalyn Schweinsteiger Limited Edition
    - 2010-11 Panini Adrenalyn Ligue 1 France Yoann Gourcuff Limited Edition
    - 2010-11 Panini Adrenalyn Champion Lahm

    2 Ultra Pro Binders that look like this (can probably hold 100 pocket pages) They are 3 inches thick

    -Also have various Topps/Panini empty binders available

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