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Thread: Do You Believe In Miracles?

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    Do You Believe In Miracles?

    After a little over a year of work, I was able to finish off this set. Big thanks to all these guys:

    C&C - Suter
    Yadowing - Johnson
    blacksheep - Craig
    Losman#99 - Silk
    masydoc - Broten, Ramsey
    gbbadger - Wells
    hugo416 - Morrow
    SkinnyG - Eruzione
    bto - Verchota

    Now for your viewing pleasure, the 1980 US Olympic Gold Medal Team (from 10/11 ITG Decades)

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    Awesome set
    Looking For:
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    "You were born to be hockey players. Every one of you"
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    I collect: Kurri primarily, but also have an interest in Fuhr, MacInnis, Bossy, and Coffey as an Oiler primarily. Also Gretz(especially '90s inserts), '70s-early '80s St. Louis Blues, 02/03 Foundations Signs of Greatness, 500 Goal themed cards, '70s Cowboys esp. Staubach, and '70s Kelloggs baseball and football cards.

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    Outstanding collection, congrats on completing it, they should have a coach/manager card with this dude!

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    wow sick set, congrats on finising it :)
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    I collect: Adam Larsson, Mason Raymond and Matt Duchene

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    GOsh watching those youtube clips gives me shivers being an American, and a hockey fan. That game was so much more than "a game" for the nation at that time. Congrats on completing the set. Find a nice frame for it -- that's what I've got mine in!

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