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    New sales thread with lots of high-ends, prices and deals!

    Hi everyone,

    The sales thread was amazing and I managed to sell almost all the cards. I lowered the prices on what I have left so come take them off my hands!



    If you're interested in a lot deal we can also do a PM

    Lucic FWA Patch- SOLD
    Giroux FWA Patch- 210
    Benn FWA Patch- 65
    Keith Sp Patch- 110

    Blum FWA Patch- 5
    Bouma FWA Patch- 5
    Read FWA Patch- 35

    Hodsgon Cup /99 (3CLR) - 525

    Stamkos Draft Board- 1200
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    Will pm you tomorrow interested in some stuff

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    Gretzky, Robitaille, and Del Zotto for 55? Let me know what you think.....thanks!
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    Well that was a great start to a sales thread! Lots of cards going to good new homes!

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    Robitaille sold. Prices all reduced!

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    Seguin YG- 55
    i think you have 2 and Wayne G.
    could you do for $130 Dlvd.
    let me know.

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    Sorry guys. All the cards you guys wanted are sold! I reduced the price on the rest of them!

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    Tons sold, some added and prices lowered!

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