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    2012 Bowman chrome blaster

    After going nuts buying tons of chrome football blasters like everybody else I decided to give a chrome baseball product a try,once again it proves baseball loves me more than football ever will.I'll list all 24 cards here goes.

    josh johnson 2

    martin prado 41

    gio gonzalez 61 xfractor

    jose reyes 63

    alex avila 85 refractor

    nick swisher 86

    mark teixeira 87

    matt holliday 109

    paul konerko 122

    salvador perez 134

    max scherzer 164

    jose valverde 182

    aroldis chapman 210 xfractor

    1ST Bowman chrome's next

    brent keys bcp140

    alen hanson bcp143 xfractor

    mike gallic bcp149

    taylor siemens bcp175

    taylor siemens bcp175 refractor

    miguel chalas bcp197

    matt hoffman bcp204

    carlos alonso bcp210

    Inserts next

    elvis andrus/jurickson profar franchise all-stars refractor fas-ap

    trevor bauer legends in the making die cut refractor lim-tb


    Happy with this break,as I got more than a blaster usually has in the way of hits and inserts,and the odds on a refractor auto are 1 in 390 retail packs so any ink is good ink.Thanks for the read,take care Steve.
    All my teams stink.

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    Nice hit on the refrac auto! In a blaster none the less!

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    Quote Originally Posted by silence7777777 View Post
    Nice hit on the refrac auto! In a blaster none the less!
    Thanks about time I hit some ink,luck has been running bad lately.
    All my teams stink.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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    Its always nice to hit an auto in retail. Nice Blaster & congrats.
    I trade by book value & buy/sell by sell value but always factor in common sense. Collecting David Wright, Matt Harvey, Derek Jeter, Ben Roethlisberger & Hines Ward.
    Looking for vintage Graig Nettles, Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Franco Harris, Jack Lambert & Rod Woodson.
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    nice box , Steve!

    Collecting Detroit Lions,Tigers,Red Wings,Pistons and U of Michigan.

    Interested in joining the baseball staff? Drop me a pm!

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    As always steve you don't fail to disappoint on your retail breaks.
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    ZEKE!! Congrats on the nice break!

    Always looking for autos of Giants stars, and other stars and HOFer's

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    Thanks guys,question another bowman chrome baseball or 1 more topps chrome football,let me know.
    All my teams stink.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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    Nice break Steve!
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    Thanks Don,nice to see you on the thread take care Steve

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