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    $30 for the best card

    Lets give this a try and see what happens.

    I like Wings and Flyers, Goalies are always a plus (especially Bobs). Also like multi color patches from other teams (love Chicago feather patches).

    Just please no Bruins, Penguins, or Rangers (don't collect anything from these teams).

    Lets see whats out there.

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    Either of these?

    10-11 Dominion Rookie Showcase Showdown Tomas Tatar Patch /19 (emblem /19 version!)... this is BY FAR the cheapest I have ever offered up this card for.

    Or this...

    08-09 Ultimate Signatures Claude Giroux (rookie year)
    Please stand by.

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    I'm liking that Carey Price and Tatar but will bump this up once more for any other offers, not ruling anything out yet.

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    Thanks to everybody who offered something up either here or via pm, Going with Gord93's Ryan Miller he pm'ed me.

    Thanks again everyone, will be doing this again in the future!

    Mods you can close or archive this now, whatever you guys do with closed threads lol.

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    If you'd be willing to go to $40, i'd be able to move this:
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    color codes: yellow/blue/green= incoming or pending/do not need
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    Hidden Content

    If anyone is interested, click this link from CCM and help me win free stuff as well as enter yourself: Hidden Content

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