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    Cool Get your own custom painted portrait for your custom designs

    I have permitted this gentleman to accept offers from members of SCF as long as the deals go through me and I may be allowed to have a copy of the finished product only if I am needing the subject on the painting.

    To have a painting done, you must submit a high qualty photo (300 DPI), large in size (for better results), and it must be in color.

    For a torso painting,(Head and shoulders) the rate is $15 per person in the shot. add $5 for full body shot per person.

    All paintings are delivered in high quality jpeg.
    It usually takes 8 days to receive your art piece.
    Great for making custom cards especially for those players who haven't had a card made of them!
    I personally try to keep my art logo free for licensing reasons but sometimes it is unavoidable. (Les Ritcher)

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  2. Kronozio
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    Does he do any image? Maybe get some of my kids. At what resolution will you get it back or size? Do the picture come with a background like yours or just the picture?

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    yes, he does art of children, animals, sports, people, etc...and yes, the background is like mine. tyou must submit a 300 dpi resolution photo, and you will receive a 300 dpi resolution painting in return. the larger the image submitted, the better the painting will become. like I mentioned before, it is $15 per person for a torso shot and add $5 each for full body.
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    Deeper Discounts for painted sports portraits

    $10 pp for torso per person
    $15 pp full body per person

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    I hope you enjoy the art
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    I'm interested. Do we emailed you the pictures?

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    pm me for details
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    photos must be 300 dpi..the larger the image , the better the quality of the painting
    subject must be in the foreground

    $6 or $12 per person is a real deal for the members on here
    all photo submissions and pp payments must be sent to me then i will forward them to the designer.
    all finished art pieces take 8 days to complete

    let me know if need sports art for your custom needs!

    Chuck Bednarik torso painting

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    Paintings can be made of any sports, celebrity, movie star, politician, etc that you need.
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