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    WTB Hall of Fame autos

    I'm looking for HOF autos, with preferences below:

    1) Prefer on-card, but will consider stickers
    2) Autos are fine, as are auto/jerseys or auto/patches
    3) No Press Pass
    4) Singles, duals, triples, whatever are all fine
    5) Big names/small names, doesn't matter
    6) Preference given to a few specific sets - 2007 Chronology (regular) autos, 1999 Century Legends, 2010 NT HOF, 2000 Legendary Sigs, 2011 Marks of the Hall

    Please let me know what you have, along with a price.

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    I have a Hakeem Olajuwon 11-12 exquisite shadow box auto and Elgin Baylor 2010 greats of the game auto. Pm works best.
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    2006 bowman sterling dominique wilkins jersey auto refractor /199- 35$

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    Pls check out my sale thread, pics and prices are there:
    Always looking for Stephen Curry and Kevin Love AUTOs/D-Rose RCs, GUs and Autos

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