Sure, we could wait until our marketing allotment of 2012-13 Prizm Basketball arrives later today or early tomorrow morning to bring you the first look at one live box of the new NBA product from Panini America. But with a product as highly anticipated as Prizm, waiting just won’t do. (Besides, we’ll use those marketing boxes to bring you the world premiere episode of Panini Unwrapped).

Long story short: We managed to get our hands on one hot-off-the-presses 20-pack Prizm box (we won’t tell you exactly where we go it so as not to draw the ire of other departments around here who may find themselves one box short) and we wanted to share the contents of that box with you here on The Knight’s Lance ASAP before the product goes live tomorrow.

So, here goes — a pack-by-pack visual gallery of the first box of 2012-13 Prizm Basketball. Oh, and stay tuned after the images for a link to the complete product checklist. Enjoy . . .