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    My best Rainbow to date (Scans) 05-06 Artifacts

    Just finished updating my website, up to 94% of Luongo up to 05-06. By far the hardest rainbow to complete, well other then the ones I haven't :). The kick in the nuts 05-06 Artifacts. Player collectors know what I'm talking about. Well, here it is. 27 cards total. Of course I don't have the 1/1's there, but would love to add them if anyone has them to offer.


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    Even without the 1/1's you've done a great job and those look insane together! Artifacts has been a parallel hell, but you've shown it who's boss!

    Great stuff,
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    I'm a fan of the swatch rainbows personally.
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    color codes: yellow/blue= incoming/do not need
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    Will post some more rainbows later. The smaller ones are sometimes harder, but I will post the bigger ones, as it just looks cooler.

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    WOW Awesome Luongo rainbow congrats!!!
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    Wow. That is a lot of cards to have to get for a rainbow and an amazing job at finding them all. Congratulations!
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