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    The Official Best Racing Quotes Thread

    Ok guys this was an idea i had and i think itll be of great fun to read and participate in:

    Simply this is a thread where anyone can post their favorite quotes from drivers or anything racing related that they find funny that someone said-it can be an announcer or it can be something someone said in a post on here, or it can be your own quote-youll get the idea-ill update this everyday for a little bit until i run out of stuff-thats when the rest of you will have to help haha! So I hope you guys enjoy these!!!

    first off-im goin to start with my guy Carl at his best on the chase is on after the win at Dover last year-heres the video lol:

    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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    Ok-heres the first little list-most of these wont have the video with it lol:

    "Im 100 miles away son....ready to strike."-Loren Wallace

    "When I hit the gas, it took off, then it stopped, it took off again, then it stopped."-Denny Hamlin-Atlanta Fall 2007

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have lost a two year old child in Kyle Busch's left ear."-Brad Garrett before the start of the 2008 Auto Club 500

    "It's hard not to pick on a guy when his ears are pinned back. My wife's looking at me like, 'you should really stop.' Nobody knew we were gonna have a comedy show today." -Kevin Harvick-on Kurt Busch's ear job.

    "Why dont they just let me know what the penalty is for whoopin his a** after the race right now cause we're gonna get one of them too!"-Carl Edwards after getting taken out by Tony Stewart at Pocono-2006.

    "Here comes Hillenburg like hes shot out of a canyon!"-Benny Parsons calling an Atlanta ARCA race in the late 90's.
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    "I ran quicker than then I did qualifying."-Ricky Rudd in reference to rushing to Ward Burton's aid after a wreck in qualifying at Darlington.

    "Well thats just rude, it was his fault!"-Michael Waltrip in reference to Robby Gordon's helmet toss at New Hampshire.

    "The caution was out, and he wrecked me, and hes a piece of ****!"-Robby Gordon on Michael Waltrip-New Hampshire.
    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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    "I got all the way up to 10th and I said well these 10 guys probably arent gonna wreck eachother-I guess I shoulda known better than that."-Michael Waltrip after flipping in a multi car wreck at Talladega-2005.
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    "I hope he chokes on that 200,000."-Darrell Waltrip after being spun out by Rusty Wallace in the All Star Race-1989.

    "I was tryin desperately to knock the **** out of him I just couldnt catch him."-Rusty Wallace after Jeff Gordon put the bump and run on him at Bristol-2001.

    "Ive never even run 500 miles on anything, not even on the computer game at home."-Elliott Sadler as a cup series rookie.
    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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    "I cant stand to drive these things, they suck."-Kyle Busch after winning the first ever COT race at Bristol in 2007.

    "The crashes people remember, but drivers remember the near misses."-Mario Andretti.

    "When I started racing my father told me, Cristiano, nobody has three b**** but some people have two very good ones."-former champ car and f1 driver Cristiano Da Matta.

    "If you think the last 4 words of the national anthem are gentlemen, start your engines, you might be a redneck."-Jeff Foxworthy.
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    Last update for today-with a pic (credit to for it)

    Carl Edwards Supercollector!!!
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    Here are a few favorites of mine, sorry if some are to inapropriate

    "Oh, and not to mention taking a dump on the conrete" Alan Bestwick at a 2007 BUsch Series event after one of Carl Edwards crew members fell down

    "Those cars are so good uh........ a monkey could drive them."-Clint Bowyer 2008 Daytona Night race in Nationwide series

    " Oh and They Bang each other" MRN guys at Fall Martinsville race when Jr. and Montoya Got together
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    Here are some of my favorites:

    “Needless to say I’ll buy my Irwin tools at Lowe’s.” - Jamie McMurray after getting wrecked by Tony Stewart at Phoenix in the fall of 2006

    “…but right now I’m not eating any Kellogg’s anytime soon.” - Kurt Busch after him and brother Kyle wrecked in the All-Star race in 2007

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    Love them all. I'll see what I can find also. :)

    I do NOT accept PWEs.

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