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    4 Cases of The Cup 2011-12

    I told myself I would not buy more cases this year... here they are, four more cases... While there were some interesting cards and a few PC items, it was not the most outstanding break ever... I was saved by one case... you can judge by the case hits...


    let's start by the boring white patch festival...

    now there is a bit more color on these ones...

    to the enshrinements, Stanley Cup Signatures, Signatures Patches...

    Got three Lindros limited logos and two were almost identical!

    the Cup foundations Jersey Patch were at least from interesting players...

    Now let's do the top 9....

    happy I pulled this Lindros PC card... not the nicest patch, but only 5 of them...

    Nice Lundqvist for the PC! This is an upgrade to the one I have!

    and let's end this with a RC/99 with a nice patch!

    well, and finally, it is worth sharing the case hit I pulled from a case I cracked at the Expo... will be interesting to see the card...

    Collect mainly The Cup Limited Logos and Emblems of Endorsement

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    Very nice! See FlyersMatt on C&C for that Gustaffson 1/1, he'd definitely want that!
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    Man that booklet sounds very interesting? Would be really cool to see what it looks like for sure! Congrats on the sick stuff, Brad.
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    Stamkos/Ovie/Richard? Dear lord that is the greatest thing I've seen come out of this...Congrats!
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    interested in phaneuf gu if available for trade

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    I could use the two Eddie Lack cards. Please let me know what you are looking for them in terms of trade value or sell value if they are available.


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    sick pulls man, the scheifele /99 bv is 600$, toews /19 200$, p.roy/p. roy 250$.

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    wow just amazing
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    I hope you get that redemption soon and please share it with the world, it sounds great! Congrats!
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    I could use all the flyers
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