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    Looking for Braden holtby, doug gilmour , teemu hartikainen

    So looking for mostly autos from doug gilmour or rare jsy/patch/fight strap/ stick cards. Looking for anything really from Braden holtby that I don't have and I'm looking for anything teemu hartikainen. Don't have much in the way of traders mostly looking to buy with paypal. Traders are as follows:

    11/12 titanium true rookie cody hodgson /19
    11/12 dominion pen pals Ryan nugent Hopkins/ mark messier /25
    11/12 panini prime quad prime jsy/auto Calvin de haan /50
    10/11 luxury suite doug gilmour gold auto /10
    11/12 dominion Alexander burrows base jsy

    here is a list of the cards i already HAVE in my personal collection of the following three players im looking for:

    Teemu Hartikainen:

    Young gun
    Young gun canvas
    Young gun exclusive /100
    young gun hg /10
    the cup printing plate 1/1
    The cup gold rookie /25
    Titanium /100, /56
    Artifacts base rookie
    Artifacts /25
    Crown royal
    black diamond
    Black diamond ruby /100
    Score hot rookies and auto version
    Spx holo fx
    Spx rookie materials x3 color
    Spx rookie patch /35
    Artifacts rookie auto /99
    Certified freshman signatures
    Ultimate rookie auto /299
    Future watch auto /999
    Future watch patch auto /100 x3 color
    Limited phenoms /299
    Ultimate rpa /25
    Ultimate debut threads jsy/auto /50
    Ultimate debut patch /100
    Rookie anThology jsy auto /199
    The cup rpa
    The cup gold rpa /56
    Prime rookie quad auto /199, /50, /25, /10
    Dominion rpa ( still waiting)
    Dominion mammoth Prime x3 color /25

    Braden Holtby:

    yg elxcusive /100
    the cup auto rookie /199
    the cup gold auto rookie /70
    victory rc x2
    sp authentic future watch rookie /999 x2
    spx rookie /499
    upper deck ice rookie /999 x2
    ultimate rookie /399
    opc marquee rookie
    12/13 series 1 exclusive /100
    the cup opc marquee black printing plate 1/1
    12/13 opc retro blank back
    12/13 certified masked marvels /999
    11/12 dominion gold base /25
    11/12 certified dual jsy holtby/neuvirth
    11/12 btp dual jsy holtby/vokoun
    10/11 btp future stars auto
    11/12 dominion base jersey /100
    11/12 prime dual "caps" jsy holtby/green /225
    11/12 prime dual "caps" prime jsy holtby/green /50
    11/12 prime dual "caps" patch jsy holtby/green /25
    11/12 prime triple "cap" jsy /150

    Doug gilmour:

    opc rookie
    11/12 upper deck clear cut honoured members /100
    00/01 bap signature series auto
    11/12 dominion straping lads /4
    11/12 dominion stickside signatures /25
    10/11 dominion notable nicknames /50
    10/11 the cup stanley cup signatures / 50
    11/12 limited stanley cup signature /99
    10/11 dominion ruby auto /50
    12/13 classic signatures inaugural inks /100
    07/08 ultimate achievements auto 7/7
    07/08 the cup all star royalty auto /9
    09/10 opc premier auto /50
    10/11 luxury suite auto /199
    10/11 luxury suite gold auto /10 x2
    07/08 sign of the times auto
    11/12 limited select signatures /99
    08/09 the cup limited logos /50
    10/11 immortals blue auto / 50
    10/11 the cup trios patch gold /10

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    Do you have 07-08 SOTT Gilmour AU?



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    Yeah I bought one off you on eBay :)
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    bump. included my list of the cards i already have of the three players i inquired about.
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    bump gotta be something out ther, dont be scared to trade with me just cause i have a stupid must send first tag.
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    Have 2 Gilmour Limited Logos, 2 Gilmour Ultimate Premium Patches. Any interest?
    Check HERE
    The Cup Limited Logos & Ultimate Premium Patches (all years) of all Leaf players
    Hard Signed Autos (SPA SOTT, Ultimate Signatures)
    Ian White cards that I don't have --- Hidden Content
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    Dust this off and put it back up
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