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    Hi Jim, I built the trade. So look in your trade manager and you'll have the options to confirm the trade. My address will then show up in that screen.


  2. 2bros - Exclusive 3 (2/19) - Moved 4/25
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    Do you happen to still have that Osweiler 57 Reprint cause i could use that instead, lmk and we'll get something worked out. Thanks

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    any interest in buying? i can sell you the ruby parallels for .15 each plus shipping. LMK, and Ill see which ones I can help you with
    If you lowball me on a 2.00 offer, please prepare to be ignored. Come on folks...

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    Duke- I do still have the Osweiler. Do you have any Prime, Chrome, or Prestige?
    I've got those 7 cards set aside.
    Ed, it looks like I'll still need 1,2,3,6,8,9,11,12,17,22,24,27,31,34,35,41,45,51,52 ,59,63,69,71,79,86,91,96
    Let me know what you have

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    I have the following red, and probably have a lot of the base but I don't have that list from work (I had the red list from a thread I had on here).


    The only two cards I need out of the set are the Luck RC and the Morris Claiborne RC, but I'd trade them for something else if you're interested.
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    Currently trading for: 2013/14 Intrigue Slam Ink | 2005/06 SP Signature Edition Signatures | Yadi, Waino, Piscotty

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    My Chrome that i left are in the thread link below my bucket link in my signature. What i have left of Prime & Prestige are below. The Prime are hobby version not retail version. lmk if you need any of it. Thanks

    2012 Prestige:
    22 Marcell Darius
    29 Jon Beason
    30 Jonathan Stewart
    49 Demarco Murray
    51 Dez Bryant
    109 Rob Grankowski
    126 Hakeem Nicks
    143 Michael Vick
    168 Frank Gore
    169 Ted Ginn
    172 Navarro Bowman
    192 Chris Johnson
    202 Dre Kirkpatrick RC
    222 Bobby Wagner RC
    232 Nick Foles RC
    278 Juron Crinor RC
    282 Joe Adams RC
    300 Travis Benjamin RC

    2012 Prime:
    12 Jarius Wright RC
    16 Jared Allen
    20 Eli Manning
    22 Tim Tebow
    26 Kevin Kolb
    31 Ryan Matthews
    43 Sam Bradford
    44 Alex Smith
    45 Darren Sproles
    63 Reggie Bush
    68 Marshawn Lynch
    81 Kirk Cousins
    83 Greg Jennings
    102 Anquan Boldin
    111 Dwayne Bowe
    140 Jimmy Graham

    PR-KC Prime Rookies Kirk Cousins
    PR-TS Prime Rookies Tommy Streeter

    2 Deangelo Williams
    44 ALex Smith
    100 Peyton Manning
    114 Mario Manningham

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimzcardz View Post
    Usa-thats fine PM me your address.
    JJ-How do I find your site?
    You have a link?

    Were you able to find my site and get to my lists?

    If not here is the direct link:

    2005 Topps 50th Anniversary NFL Black Border
    2005 ESPN Football
    2009 Topps Unique Red
    2012 Topps Magic

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    Jim- these are the ones I Dont have- I have the rest off of your need list

    If you lowball me on a 2.00 offer, please prepare to be ignored. Come on folks...

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    Usa-shipped today
    jmintz-hang on I may or may not need any more I'll have to wait a couple days and see what pans out
    Palantri-Sounds great I'll take em, let me know how much I owe ya or how to pay ya
    JJ-I dont see much on your lists, I only have mostly 2012 and I dont have any Platinum Black refractors or none off your chrome list, it looks like most cards are incoming. Also, a newbie cant see your links in your sig until they have 10 posts, so after my 10th post I'll be able to see those kind of things.
    Duke-I need Prestige 300, Prime Hobby 12,16,26,43,45,63,68,81,83,102,111, if you could throw in as much of those as possible and have it fair let me know and we can set up the trade.

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    So i'm looking at this, lmk what you think.

    4 Hernandez
    17 Roethlisberger
    55 Fitzpatrick
    80 Rice

    10 Newton
    15 Tebow
    44 Sproles
    49 Bush
    55 Fitzpatrick
    65 Smith
    67 Hunter
    89 Holmes

    300 Benjamin RC

    12 Wright RC
    16 Allen
    26 Kolb
    43 Bradford
    45 Sproles
    63 Bush
    68 Lynch
    81 Cousins RC
    83 Jennings
    102 Boldin
    111 Bowe




    2012 TC 57 Reprint Osweiler
    2012 R*S Longevity Claiborne

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