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    I think thats great, can you set it up?

  2. Kronozio
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    Jim- I could sell ya the 24 that I have for you for 6.00 shipped- cash or paypal are both fine- if that works, Ill set up the deal

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimzcardz View Post
    Usa-shipped today
    jmintz-hang on I may or may not need any more I'll have to wait a couple days and see what pans out
    Palantri-Sounds great I'll take em, let me know how much I owe ya or how to pay ya
    JJ-I dont see much on your lists, I only have mostly 2012 and I dont have any Platinum Black refractors or none off your chrome list, it looks like most cards are incoming. Also, a newbie cant see your links in your sig until they have 10 posts, so after my 10th post I'll be able to see those kind of things.
    Duke-I need Prestige 300, Prime Hobby 12,16,26,43,45,63,68,81,83,102,111, if you could throw in as much of those as possible and have it fair let me know and we can set up the trade.
    If you lowball me on a 2.00 offer, please prepare to be ignored. Come on folks...

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    Current Updated List for Platinum-03/08/13

    Finished Ruby Parallel set

    Need Still For Base Set

    Have the following for trade:

    2012 Chrome Base
    9,27,30,38,39,42,59,61,62,66,72,82,85,92,93,95,103 ,104,110,111,112,114,118,121,127,137,152,159,161,1 64,168,169,174,177,186,187,188,190,191,192,196,199 ,204,208,213,218

    2012 Chrome Orange Refractors
    Dwayne Bowe #37, Orson Charles #89, Peter Konz #96, Michael Floyd #166

    2012 Chrome Rookie Reprints
    Fran Tarkenton #90

    2012 Chrome Pink Refractor
    Devon Still #3 ser.#237/399

    2012 Platinum Ruby Parallels

    2012 Platinum Base
    8,9,13,19,21,23,31,37,43,47,48,51,54,56,58,66,71,7 5,77,85,91,99

    2012 Platinum Die Cuts
    Brian Quick

    2012 Platinum Purple Refractor
    Brian Quick #125 20/75

    2012 Platinum Blue Refractors
    Juron Criner #128 64/99

    2012 Prestige Base
    10,13,24,27,32,38,39,47,48,51,54,63,66,68,70,81,89 ,91,93,95,96,101,102,103,110,112,117,121,128,131,1 32,133,137,139,140,141,145,147,149,150,159,160,163 ,165,171,172,174,176,177,178,182,185,186,187,191,1 92,193,194,197,198,226,264,292,296

    2012 Prestige Draft City Destinations
    Kendall Wright #7, Michael Floyd #8, Mohamed Sanu #22

    2012 Prestige Nfl Draft Tickets
    Justin Blackmon #4, Ryan Tannehill #5, Michael Floyd #6, Coby Fleener #16, Mohamed Sanu #20

    2012 Prestige Prestigious Picks
    Melvin Ingram #45

    2012 Prestige Prestigious Picks Materials
    Coby Fleener #16 ser#156/299

    2012 Prestige Stars of the Nfl
    Rob Gronkowski #38

    2012 Prestige Tebow Set
    #4 1460/1500,#5 830/1500

    2012 Prime Hobby Gold
    Tim Tebow #22

    2012 Prime Hobby Primed Rookies
    Dontari Poe #PR-DPO

    2012 Prime Hobby Primetimers
    Jason Witten #PT-JW, Stevan Ridley #PT-SR

    2012 Prime Retail Base
    10,12,14,17,21,22,23,30,32,35,44,45,50,51,57,63,64 ,65,66,73,75,76,86,100,106,112,113,117,126,128,129 ,132,136,139,144,147

    2012 Prime Retail Blue

    2012 Prime Retail Primetimers
    Ryan Mathews #PT-RM, Matt Flynn #PT-MF

    2012 Prime Retail Primed Rookies
    Michael Egnew #PR-ME

    2012 Rookies and Stars Base
    5,7,16,20,21,33,37,46,49,58,62,63,73,76,77,80,94,1 00,105,110,113,115,130,133,135,148,197

    2012 Rookies and Stars Blue

    2012 Rookies and Stars Greatest Hits
    Patrick Peterson #1 ser.#479/500

    2012 Rookies and Stars Pennants
    Ray Rice #3

    2012 Rookies and Stars Team Pennants
    Minnesota Vikings #18

    2012 Topps Paramount Pairs
    Marques Colston/Pierre Thomas #PA-CT

    2012 Topps Prolific Playmakers
    Larry Fitzgerald #PP-LF, Ryan Fitzpatrick #PP-RF, Shonn Greene #PP-SGx2, Marques Colston #PP-MC, Jimmy Graham #PP-JGR

    2012 Topps QB Immortals
    Dan Fouts #QI-DF, Warren Moon #QI-WM, John Elway #QI-JE, Phil Simms #QI-PS

    2012 Topps Tallboys
    Brandon Marshall #42,Wes Welker #139

    2012 Topps Paramount Pairs
    #PA-BJA LeGarrette Blount/LaMichael James

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