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    Why do people buy Topps Products. The least hits of any products and expensive .

    So Topps Products typically have one hit in them or 2 at most and the hits are way over produced. The finest rookie patches are out of over 1000 cards, and the prices are expensive as well. Why do people buy their products as opposed to Panini 4 hit on average products.

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    I love chrome every year
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    Some people just buy what they like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardcollectorman View Post
    So Topps Products typically have one hit in them or 2 at most and the hits are way over produced. The finest rookie patches are out of over 1000 cards, and the prices are expensive as well. Why do people buy their products as opposed to Panini 4 hit on average products.
    Some people may like the tradition. Some people may like the design. Some people collect cards and are not be hung up on "hits". Some people don't feel like they are entitled to make money on every box they purchase. I don't know, there are probably lots of other reasons as well. If you're not hung up on the money side of it lots of things become clearer.
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    Because panini "hits" are garbage too...they may be numbered a little lower but they have so many variations.

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    If you're buying a box of Topps with only 1 hit you're not paying $100+ either. Topps Chrome is an exception since the demand for that is so high, as well as the refractors people love. You can get a box of Topps for $60. Sure Panini has 3 or 4 hits, but they retail for a minimum of $100.

    As someone above said, if you aren't trying to make money back (which is basically impossible anyway) why does it even matter!
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    I never buy boxes with the intention of getting hits. I buy boxes usually for rookies, cards for IP/TTM autos and trade bait. If I am hell bent on getting a "hit" that is what ebay is for.
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    I like Topps better because chrome and finest RCs are my favorite. I dont care if they put 10 hits in Panini because normally 2-3 out of a 4 hit box are one color mass produced jersey pieces.

    Nice base RCs > plain jersey cards, IMO.


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    I agree with what many have said about why. Traditionally, Topps is the longest standing, consistant company in al of the trading card industry and people are confident with their reputation. Set builders may tend to like Topps because the sets usually don't have half the set being SP or variations like Panini usually does with their equivalent product in Prestige. I think also that some people don't care about the number of hitsm but the number of rookie cards in their sets. Historically, if someone wanted a rookie card of an obscure/unknown player, Topps was the company that carried it. This appeals to rookie collectors. Their hits tend to be valued better than those of Panini as well because their are fewer hits. The greater the number of hits, the devaluing of the card. That is why relic cards carry smaller values every year is because they are more readily available and easier to pull. Ten years ago, relic cards were hard to pull and autographs nearly impossible to get. Today, a relic can be pulled at a rate far larger and wider (retail and hobby) then ten years ago. Autographs are still tough to pull from retail packs, but again, not as tough as ten years ago.

    Finally, I really think it depends on the collector. Some peopler are pro-product and others anti-product. I can remember the time when redemptions had to be submitted by mail. Topps was pretty good about fulfilling those redemptions by mail. In fact, they were the last to switch to onlie redemptions AND they still offer the mail option to those who do not have access to a computer with internet access. I have seen many collectors state that they will not buy Topps products because of the lack of hits. I have an appretiation for companies that don't carry a lot of hits. The value of their "hits" retains it's value over time compared to other products. Topps will continue to sustain a consistant pressence in the collector card market because of their willingness to "stay the path" that they have been on for so many years.
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    Well my main collection is UFC/MMA and Topps has an exclusive deal with them.

    I love Topps Chrome look this year so i'm going to be purchasing a lot of it.

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