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    Entire wrestling PC for sale

    Im moving away from cards, the fun isnt here for me any more- Ive gotten back into Magic the Gathering, and Id rather put my disposable income into that.

    My entire wrestling PC is available- this isnt a fire sale, but I will sell for comparable prices.

    If there isnt interest here, thats cool. I can always do ebay if I have to

    Heres the bucket of stuff, let me know if anyone wants anything here

    taking a break from trading

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    Can you pm me what your looking for on these, thanks.

    Tito Santana leaf auto
    Rick Martel leaf auto
    Melina plate
    Jillian plate
    Eve plate
    Alicia plate
    Layla chrome auto
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    heading out for the evening, will PM you prices when I get home tonight
    taking a break from trading

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    Pm me prices on Layla chrome n Rosa topps 2010 auto
    Football-Eric Decker/Michael Egnew
    Basketball-Kris Humphries
    Baseball-Jason Giambi

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    can i get prices on:

    alicia fox auto 2012
    kelly kelly auto 2012
    individual prices on all wcw topps autos

    thx in advance
    Collect WCW Topps Autos, WWE Topps 2009 Black Parallels + any Hogan autographed cards

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    prices on trish,rosa purple,layla auto,mickie auot,and maria auto?
    i respond to pm's faster then threads

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    gonna keep the WCW/NWO autos and the 2 Strike Force autos (Martel and Tito) for right now

    asking 25 on the melina and jillian plates, 30 on alicia and 40 on Eve

    need 23 on Layla, 20 on mickie, 15 on maria, 45 on kelly and 23 on alicia

    i think thats all of them
    taking a break from trading

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    Ill also take comparable (reasonable) offers on anything
    taking a break from trading

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    bounce it up for Sunday
    taking a break from trading

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    What would you be looking for on the Rosa 2012 plate?
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