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    I challenge each person that says they collect for fun, but they use beckett only to get their cards graded and not for their value.
    Challenge accepted: I've never sent one card in for grading, nor will I ever do so. Nor do I keep a database on "how much my cards are worth". In fact, I haven't bought a Beckett in over 4 years. I do maintain an inventory here but you'll never see a money amount on them. I have just as much fun building a 1988 Fleer set as I do with 2012 cards. I did donate cards to charity a deducted them from my taxes at 5 cents a common.

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    This is an awesome thread. I'm with the guy who said he doesnt ever buy packs and just trades or mostly buys the cards for his PC that he wants. that is basically me too. Cards have never really been worth money. The old vintage ones are more ike rare antiques that command value from certain enthusiast, but even that will subside when those era collectors pass on, as younger folks probably wont collect Dom DiMaggio and Carl Erskine along with their Mantles and Williams.

    I colect Clemens because I'm a fan, and have been since I was little. I stopped buying packs when 1991 stadium club came out, because e it just seemed silly, and I couldnt get cards frequently enough of the few players I liked to make me HAPPY (Clemens, Will CLark and Griffey). NOt to make me wealthy.

    Nowadays, I love ebay, because its made it easy for me to get cards I never could as a kid. I wasnt poor, but wasnt rich, and it was a HUGE deal to be able to buy a waxbox, maybe it happened 3 times in my life. How the heck was I ever going to get 1984 TCMA PawSox Card, or Fleer Update Clemens cards? I was smart enough to know that trading 200 DOLLARS for two pieces of cardboard was silly, so I never could. So yes, I think ebay is simply the free market equalizer between overpriced cards and the low demand that still remains from us COLLECTORS. I now have over 1500 different cards in my Clemens PC, they make me happy and provide mindless relaxation, and I try as hard as I can to trade my worthless doubles to other geeks who share my interest, as well as buying on the bay. Let's face it, a nickel a card for 80's 90's cards, "INSERTS" or not, is pretty much fair value for a piece of cardboard.

    As far as Beckett, c'mon, its a business, they set a price to guide an industry, they obviously have an agenda driven by certain people like dealers, and its all fantasy land. Said it before and say it again, while I have a job and a small small amount of disposable income to waste on a hobby, as far as I care, no card will ever get more than 20% of BV from me, and I can live without all of them if I have to. I collect cards for fun, and as long as I care about having lots of them of my favorite player, I will, but I'll never use beckett for anything other than a guide to try and trade with others. My 2 cents (adjusted for inflation)

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    Oh, and as as far as grading, I feel a small tinge of sorry for anyone I've ever gotten a graded card from, cuz the first thing I do is destroy the ugly, funny shaped holder as quick as I can to put my card in a screw down, or a binder. I have NEVER payed for someone else s opinion of a card, and never will, to ME, its a huge sham. Investments are stocks, gold, silver and commodities, not cards, cards are for FUN!!!!
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    This will always be an on-going debate... I appreciate both sides of it. I stand on the hate-ebay though-this is why...

    I think it is hurting cards (and other stuff for that fact).

    The MAIN reason, is we all probably have all of a sudden come into some financial troubles where we have to sell something just to get SOMETHING to make ends meet.... well you sell that card or cards for whatever you can get- well guess what?? Everyone sees that, then wants to use that as a base price.. and then LOWER. So 1 person's need for quick cash makes everyone else selling their stuff to suffer!!

    I don't see on that point how anyone can dispute that argument.

    Companies do "price matching" all the time, sometimes even give an extra 10% off that... but there has to be some kind of standard or base. That is why I use the "Average" approach. I see what stuff averages, and then can do a little better than that. It makes no sense, to automatically just see the 1 item that was sold WAY lower and to have someone want even lower than that, when every other card was higher. AVERAGE!!!

    Business side.... I like Apple's approach. Anywhere you buy an Apple-it's pretty much all the same price. There is no variant on their prices from state to state, store to store (well somewhat, but you know what I mean.) AND that is why they hold their value. Nobody can low-ball them without offering a used computer via a private individual.

    My 2 cents
    Sorry... "Lower than ebay" makes no sense when 1 card went for $4 and the rest go for $30+
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    Quote Originally Posted by lasershow15 View Post
    I challenge each person that says they collect for fun, but they use beckett only to get their cards graded and not for their value. If you collect for fun and the cards in pretty decent shape why get it graded? Getting it graded only proves the fact that you want the card to hold some value.

    A collector is anyone who opens a pack and has a PC or not, who does it for fun and or for profit.
    I collect for fun and I have quite a few graded cards. The ones I have are graded only for authentication and for protection (and then only for my vintage cards). I actually don't care what my cards are worth. In fact I would LOVE to see the day when cards are worthless so I can afford more of them. I don't ever plan on selling my PC and if I do it's only because my collecting interests have changed. Very rarely do I make a profit on anything I sell. And I don't care.

    As for the definition of a collector: how can you be a collector if you don't have a PC? At that point you're not a collector, you're a prospector.
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    Going by Beckett means you are still living 10 to 20 years ago. Cards are only worth how much people are willing to pay. If a card has a BV of 350 but people are only willing to pay 150 for it then its not worth 350. Its worth 150.

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