Well I went to one of my shops where I sometimes go to but being from a distance its hard to get to on a regular basis, anyways the owner had a 2001 Upper Deck Legends box on sale at $90 a bit steep but I went for it. I was happy to get the base set out of it so I didnt have to hunt any them down. Heres what I pulled in inserts and 2 GUed which I was surprised me cause I was told you get 1 GUed per box I am not complaining about getting the 2 especially when the product is 12 years old. Before ya ask none are for trade sorry I like to get the other ones I need for my set to see what I need click on the link shown in my signature then just drop me a PM if ya can help me out thanks.

Fiorento Collection
Willie Mays
Ty Cobb
Johnny Bench

Reflection In Time
Mark McGwire/Stan Musial

Game Used
Kazuhiro Saski Legendary Jersey White swatch not to shabby.
Ken Griffey Jr. Legendary Lumber Bat card

I think I got my $$$$ worth when I pulled 2 GUed in the box and kinda down just wish the Griffey Jr. was a Bat w/An AU but I am not complaining not many times have I gotten a Griffey Jr. GUed so it made my day. Thanks for reading I just hope someone can help me complete the missing inserts I need still.