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    SCF Baseball Card Traders December 2012 Trading Thread

    Basic rules:

    1. Each trader will send a minimum of 10 cards. Duplicates do not count toward that 10 card minimum.

    2. Trades must be posted, confirmed, & completed by the end of the month. If one partner fails to send during the alloted time, he/she will be given a 30 day grace period to complete the trade. Failure to complete the deal after that will result in being cut from the group.

    3. General rules, such as MSF for newer SCF members, apply.

    Current membership:

    Hobbyfan: Mets
    RyanHughes12: Orioles
    Spiegel83: Yankees, Athletics
    Shotgun1970: Reds
    Mr715: Tigers
    Dawson16: Royals
    Desertdogg: Dodgers
    Swib25: Twins
    Fyretiger: Giants
    littlea61580: Brewers
    Crosby 87: Pirates
    Valley Boy: Angels
    Gwo311: White Sox, Cubs
    Baseballfan1977: Rangers On Hiatus
    98Padres: Padres
    Ttmtrader101: Nationals
    Hippieman556: Marlins, Phillies
    Lugnut12mcisaac: Red Sox
    J19R: Mariners
    tglg: Cardinals
    Thrashers2005: Braves

    Waiting list:

    Nubiggestfan: Royals
    Crosby 87: Dodgers
    cademm23: Reds
    arpsmith: Giants
    Motown G: Tigers
    SWOWannabe: Twins
    Mark2391: Brewers
    WFTepps: Braves, Nationals
    WacoWillie: Cubs
    Comatoad: Padres

    The sitch: Littlea61580 is out, and due to his illness, BaseballFan1977 is on hiatus until further notice. Not everyone responded as far as this month is concerned, and those that didn't, I will assume, are not trading unless they're heard from.

    Available teams: Blue Jays, Brewers, Diamondbacks, Indians, Rays, Rockies.

    Group assignments:

    Group 1: RyanHughes12/Swib25/Valley Boy/98Padres
    Group 2: Dawson16/Hobbyfan/gwo311/Lugnut12mcisaac
    Group 3: Desertdogg/Spiegel83/Hippieman556
    Group 4: Crosby 87/tglg
    Group 5: Shotgun1970/J19R
    Group 6: Mr715/Fyretiger/thrashers2005/ttmtrader101

    December trading schedule:

    With only 10 members committed to trading this month, we're doing one-on-one trading this month. The pairings:


    Regular trading will resume in January.

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to PM me or a moderator. Now, let's start trading!

    Moderator, please sticky this thread ASAP. Thank you.

    Update: 12/9/12: Hippieman556 has swapped the Rays for the Phillies, so Tampa Bay is now open.
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    I'm going to cancel my trade with littlea from November, never accepted it, and sent PM's.

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    Lugnut12mcisaac I was wondering are you getting my messages I have sent ya some and no replies from you either thanks.
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    Bseballcommish75: Are you interested in joining us? If not, please send Lugnut12mcisaac a PM to address your inquiry with him. Thank you.
    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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    Mailed a package out to Spiegel83 the other day.
    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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    Sent out package to Mr715 the other day. Received their package a few days ago. Thanks man!

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    The January 2013 thread is up at this link:
    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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