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    temporarily down for maintenance

    How long does this normally last?
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    This is a never happened before problem on this site. The site has had its server crash the past couple of days and I assume the staff is trying to find the problem in the trade manager, inventory manager, etc since those areas are locked down. Though I haven't heard anything official so it is just a guess on my part.
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    The issue was that there are a LOT of members using the OPG, thus the OPG crashed the site a couple times. Harry has been doing some good work behind the scenes making a custom script to handle the server overload. We'll be looking more into this with database work Mike is probably gonna go with the OPG on it's own server. Hopefully everyone can be patient during this transition.

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    Mainly one may not notice but SCF is growing at a very big rate and we constantly need to adapt as the inventory is more popular then ever. It use to be the forum crashing the site but latly it's been the activity on the inventory that have crash it.

    We have installed a similar script on the OPG/Inventory database that if the server load get too high the OPG will be closed until the load of the site goes down, similar as to when we close the search on the forum. Old member probably know about that forum search feature. All this is to prevent the site to go down and if a section like the inventory is too busy, it will close but leave the forum still open. Better then having the full site down. In a near future we will look into placing the inventory on a separate server so mainly it will be the equivalent of doubling the server power but with the added benifit that if one crash, the other will remain live and never will be affected by the load on either the forum or inventory. Mainly the OPG section will run on one server and the forum on a other server. Currently they both are running on one and the same server.

    Again this is part of growing. Those who did not think the inventory project was not viable, mainly are proven wrong as now the inventory section is using as mmuch ressorces as the whole forum use. This is why we constantly plan to upgrade and have been at least once a year. We normaly wait for the end of January once the superball is over and site activity goes down to perform such big upgrade to prevent our active member to miss on anything. November and december are always the busyest month in the year and this is when we see if the sever hold or not. This also tell us if we need to upgrade or not as it's always the peeks that bring upgrade.

    Once we have a date and a plan we will annouce it in the annoucement forum.
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