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    I could use the 2009 SP Authentic #352 Brian Hartline AU RC/299 if you see something in my bucket. Have a folder for baseball GU/autos. Thanks.

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    R.E. Lee, that'll work for me.
    Everyone, I'll hop on my computer and check your buckets that way.

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    marti- I like your Michael Choice auto, and D-Train auto. If that works let me know, thanks!

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    dooda24- I want to hold onto the Ozuna for now as his stuff is decently priced now.

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    huckler- All I saw was the Phelps GU that I could use.

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    I still like the Posey, possibly a couple smaller things.
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    BGT- I'm getting ready to dump most everything I have just after Xmas. I'm looking to downsize greatly into one 1600ct. box. If I still have it I'll get back to you. Stay tuned.

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    All new additions.
    Lots of RC autos and A&G relics/AU added.

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