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    i ended up trading the card i was going to offer for the banks
    but i have a better offer
    tony gwynn topps tribute auto/gu /99

    the banks five star auto
    Collecting Twins autos and patches and star autos/patches
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    Camco- nice cards, but I have to pass.

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    Who/what are you looking for in trade ?

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    Oriolesfan- if you have a list I'll gladly take a look. I'm never quite sure what I'm looking for until I find it.

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    What are you looking for, and what is the bv of your al rosen autograph?


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    Deltacards- I believe the Rosen books $20. Looking for another auto in return. Do you have a tradelist I could look at?

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    I'll take a stab at these

    Eddie Butler Sterling auto
    Taijuan Walker Chtome auto

    Bucket in sig.

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    Catdaddy- I really would love to get a Castellanos BC auto, but I want to hold on to the Taijuan. Is there anything else I could package with the Butler for the Nick C.?

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    The Castellanos won't be going anywhere unless an equally elite chrome auto came back. Butler is a guy I like, but I'm not willing to trade Castellanos just to get it. The price ranges are too far apart. Thanks for looking though.

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