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    2012 BDPP Hobby Box x4

    Hey guys just busted 4 Boxes Worth of 2012 BDPP. Didnt do all that great. Most stuff is Availible FS only. Some of it might be getting Gradded. Lmk how you did or what your interested in! Will try to get picks up later tonight after work! Thanks!

    Base Prospects- Just Ask
    Chrome Prospects- Just Ask
    Base RC's- Just Ask
    Chrome RC's- Just Ask

    Patrick Merkling Prospect
    Adrian Marin Prospect
    Hunter Bailey Prospect
    Stephen Pryor RC

    Paper Blue's #/500
    Peter O'Brien Prospect
    Alex Liddi RC
    Dominic Leone Prospect
    Nathan Minnich Prospect
    Tyler Pastornicky RC
    Shane Watson Prospect
    Lex Rutledge Prospect

    Paper Orange #/250
    Joseph Almaraz Prospect
    Matt Wessinger Prospect
    Patrick Merkling Prospect
    Brian Dozier RC

    Caleb Frare Prospect
    Max White Prospect
    Brett Wiley Prospect
    Gavin Cicchini Prospect
    Mark Sappington Prospect
    Jordan John Prospect
    Jesmuel Valentin Prospect
    Bryan Haar Prospect
    Fernando Perez Prospect
    William Carmona Prospect
    Eric Wood Prospect
    Jeffrey Wendelken Prospect
    Michael Meyers Prospect
    Casey McCarthy Prospect
    Jonathan Murphy Prospect
    Will Hudgins Prospect
    Jacob Stallings Prospect
    Derek Self Prospect
    Martin Perez RC #/300
    Jeffrey Popick Prospect
    Jacob Thompson Prospect
    Eddie Butler Prospect
    Mike Morin Prospect
    Mike Dodig Prospect
    Connor Lien Prospect

    (Is this a normal amount of Prospect Refractors to RC Refractors?)

    Blue Refractor #/250
    Martin Perez RC
    Kevin Gausman Prospect
    Alex Liddi RC

    Nick Travieso Chrome Auto
    Marcus Stroman Chrome Auto
    Paul Blackburn Chrome Auto
    Branden Kline Gold Refractor Prospect #/50
    Brian Johnson Orange Refractor Prospect #/25
    Corey Seager Blue Refractor Auto #/150
    Hidden Content
    My wants are
    Want Jarrett Hoffpauir-38 /69= 55 %
    Also looking for these guys- Eric Hosmer, Salvado Perez, Allen Craig, Byron Buxton (Twins Prospect), Autsin Wilson (Mariners Prospects)
    I DO NOT trade by BV

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