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    Wink 3 PACKS OF BOWMAN DRAFT JUMBO. JOEY GALLO RED REF AUTO /5!!!!!! (scans inside)

    Went to LJ's Sports Cards in Binghamton, probably my last card shop trip of the semester. The owner decided he was going to offer to open a Jumbo box of draft and offer to sell me some packs. I took 3 total and hit a gold refractor of some scrub. The third pack had this. I am still shaking. Scan's aren't great, condition is just fine :D

    I'd say it's a nice payday for me. I'm thinking $1000+????
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    Great pull looks like one of the better autos from this product,I saw an orange numbered to 25 with a buy it now of 1,200 so you're probably not far off in thinking it could go for over 1,000,HUGE CONGRATS.
    All my teams stink.

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    Killed it! Happy Holidays!

    Always looking for autos of Giants stars, and other stars and HOFer's

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    Wow congrats on the amazing pull. I don't think you will have any trouble getting over $1000 especially if it is high grading quality.
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    Very nice, are you in Binghamton NY? if so Im from Elmira, and have plenty of family and friends in the Binghamton erea.
    Looking for- Lakers GU, auto's
    especially Kobe,Pau gasol, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chaimberlin, Paul Goldschmidt RC year stuff.Certain MMA cards, anything hellboy related.anything the walking dead related
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