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    Santa Better Shield his Eyes for this Patrick Roy 1/1 ITG Ultimate Christmas Present

    So every year for Christmas I usually treat myself to a nice card.... Hopefully Santa brings this to me before Christmas...I saw this...I lost this to another buyer like 8 years ago when it sold...havent seen it since...then..wow there it is .....couldne pass this up for the price....Thanks Dr. Price for making this set...




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    That's a reasonable price for an NHL shield IMO. I'd feel more jealous if it was Roy in a Montreal Uniform though.

    Nice pickup none the less.

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    Lol...yeah I prefer Roy in his Montreal gear better as well...but Im not complaining.

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    I'm more partial to Roy Version 1.0 as well :D

    Are those the first shield cards then???
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    I'm just curious to why you feel the need to show off the price of every high end card you get? Yes everyone can do a simple ebay search and see it but this is by no means a "steal" so I feel like every one of your posts are "look what I can afford". It takes about 2 minutes to upload a picture to photobucket. Sorry for the rant just saying.

    Anyways beautiful card, I haven't seen one of those designed shields in a while.

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    color me JEALOUS!
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    At Borcky90 ....just proud of what I added to my PC...its not about the price...its about the collection

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    Im not 100% sure if these were the first shields...just love the design and I havent seen one in a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by plindbergh31 View Post
    At Borcky90 ....just proud of what I added to my PC...its not about the price...its about the collection

    To be honest, I'm always curious about how much the cards I can't afford are going for :D

    Plus it's nice to know there's still a market out there!
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    Lol I agree...I watch tons of cards go off for prices I cant afford...I just know what Roy Shields go for....and being a huge fan of Roy I acquired that one...honestly I bid 1200 and thats what it sold for...a lot less than I expected

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