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    Trading My Kevin Garnett Cards For My PC Needs

    Unloading all of my Kevin Garnett's (other than his RCs)


    Bowman's Best 42
    Bowman's Best Cuts BC12 (Gone)
    Collector's Choice 89
    Collector's Choice Slam Dunk Series 21/40
    Collector's Choice Mini-Cards M129
    EX 2000 #40
    Finest 66
    Finest 205
    Flair Showcase Row 2 #21
    Flair Showcase Row 1 #21
    Fleer 64
    Fleer 216
    Fleer 269
    Hoops 92
    Hoops 220
    Hoops Rookie Headliner 4 (Gone)
    Metal 224
    Skybox Premium 67
    Skybox Premium Intimidators 8
    SP 64
    SP Inside Info IN2 (Gone)
    Stadium Club #59
    Stadium Club #177
    Topps 45
    Topps 131
    Topps Pro Files PF15
    Topps Chrome 45
    Topps Chrome 131 (Gone)
    Topps Chrome Pro Files PF15
    Ultra 64
    Ultra 126
    Ultra 212
    Ultra Gold Medallion 212
    Ultra Rookie Flashback 9 (Pending)
    Upper Deck 151
    Upper Deck 251
    Z Force 52
    Z Force 173
    Z Force Swat Team ST2 (Pending)
    Z Force Zensations 7
    1997 SPx #29 (Gone)


    Bowman's Best 90
    Bowman's Best Cuts BC5 (Gone)
    Collector's Choice 80
    Collector's Choice 371
    Collector's Choice Miniatures M16
    E-X 2001 2
    Finest 61
    Finest 136 (Gone)
    Finest 246
    Flair Showcase Sec 2 Row 2 Seat 4
    Flair Showcase Sec 2 Row 3 Seat 4
    Fleer 250 Crystal Collection
    Fleer Soaring Stars 6
    Fleer Tower of Power TP 4
    Fleer Million Dollar Moments 8
    Hoops 92
    Hoops Chairman of the Boards CB10
    Hoops Talkin' Hoops TH16
    Metal Universe 109
    Metal Universe Championship 41
    Skybox Premium 111
    SP Authentic Profiles P12 (Gone)
    Stadium Club 138
    Stadium Club Hoops Screams HS3
    Topps 148
    Topps Fantastic 15 F10 (Gone)
    Topps Rock Stars RS12 (Pending)
    Topps Chrome Destiny D2
    Topps Chrome Topps 40 T40-11 Refractor (Pending)
    Ultra Jam City JC1
    Ultra Ultrabilities 8
    Upper Deck 75
    Upper Deck 328
    Upper Deck 346
    Upper Deck Slam Dunk SD 9/40
    Z Force 199
    Z Force Boss 5


    Bowman's Best 31
    Bowman's Best Franchise Best FB5
    EX Century 13
    Flair Showcase Row 2 Seat 4
    Fleer 100
    Hoops 10
    Hoops Shout Outs 7
    Metal Universe 65
    Skybox Premium 53
    Skybox Premium 218
    Skybox Thunder 110
    SP Authentic 53
    SP Authentic First Class FC17 (Gone)
    SPx 29 0592/5000 (Gone)
    SPx 29 04954/10000
    SPx 114 1575/2700 (Pending)
    Stadium Club 15
    Topps 125
    Topps Cornerstones C2
    Topps Coast to Coast CC8 (Gone)
    Topps Chrome 125
    UD Choice Preview 85
    UD Choice 85
    UD Choice 171
    UD Choice Head 16
    Ultra 72
    Ultra Gold Medallion 72G
    Ultra Unstoppable US13
    Upper Deck Memorable Moments 5
    Upper Deck Forces 8
    Upper Deck Ovation 38
    Upper Deck Ovation Superstars of the Court C19
    1999 Upper Deck Century Legends Generations KG. D Wilkins G9


    Black Diamond 47
    Black Diamond Diamonation D8
    Bowman's Best 80
    EX E-Xciting XCT4 (Gone)
    Finest 103
    Finest 139
    Finest Team Finest TF16 0232/1500
    Flair Showcase 58
    Fleer Focus 30
    Fleer Focus Focus Pocus FP6
    Fleer Focus Soar Subjects SS7
    Fleer Force 6
    Fleer Force Operation Invasion OI 6
    Fleer Mystique 66
    Fleer Mystique 66 Gold (Gone)
    Fleer Tradition 6
    Hoops 29
    Hoops Calling Card CC2 (Gone)
    Hoops Name Plates NP7
    Hoops Pure Player PP6 084/100 (Gone)
    Hoops Decade 85
    Hoops Up Tempo UT2 (Gone)
    Metal 68
    Metal Heavy Metal HM4
    Skybox APEX 36
    Skybox Dominion Game Day 2K GD5
    Skybox Dominion Sky's the Limit SL1 (Gone)
    Skybox Impact 94
    Skybox Rewind '99 RN25
    Skybox Premium 85
    SP Authentic 47
    SP Authentic First Class FC1
    SP Authentic Maximum Force M7
    SP Authentic Supremacy S4 (Gone)
    SP Top Prospects Famous Firsts 48 (Gone)
    SPx 47
    Stadium Club 118
    Stadium Club Chrome 88
    Topps 210
    Topps All-Matrix AM11
    Topps Highlight Reels HR3
    Topps Season's Best SB11
    Topps NBA Tipoff Daily Double
    Topps Chrome 250
    Topps Chrome Highlight Reel HR3
    Topps Gallery 50
    UD Ionix 31
    Ultra 100
    Ultra 100 Gold Medallion 100G
    Ultra Good Looks GL2
    Upper Deck 70
    Upper Deck 315
    Upper Deck Encore 46
    Upper Deck Encore Jamboree J3
    Upper Deck Encore Upper Realm UR1
    Upper Deck Gold Reserve 240
    Upper Deck Hardcourt 31
    Upper Deck HoloGrFx #33
    Upper Deck HoloGrFx HoloFame HF6 (Gone)
    Upper Deck HoloGrFx NBA 24-7 N4
    Upper Deck MVP 93
    Upper Deck MVP Dynamics D5
    Upper Ovation 32
    Upper Deck Ovation Spotlight OS1
    Upper Deck Retro Old School/New School S20
    Upper Deck Victory 150
    2000 Team USA 52
    2000 Team USA 71
    2000 Team USA 250 (Gone)


    E-X 50
    Fleer 151
    Fleer 151 Glossy
    Fleer Courting History CH7
    Fleer Hardcourt Classics HC7
    Fleer Game Time 59
    Fleer Game Time Attack the Rack AR7
    Fleer Mystique 53
    Fleer Mystique 53 Gold (Gone)
    Fleer Premium 46
    Fleer Premium Name Game NG15
    Hoops Hot Prospects 12
    SP Authentic Special Forces SF7
    SP Game Floor Authentic Floor KG2 (Pending)
    SPX1 Sample
    SPxCitement S10
    SPxTreme X1
    SPx Winning Materials KG3 (Pending)
    Stadium Club 21
    Topps 20
    Topps 287
    Topps Combos TC10
    Topps Quantum Leaps QL9
    Topps Chrome TCP2 Previews
    Topps Gallery Jam Artists JA5 (Gone)
    Topps Heritage 17
    Topps Reserve 21
    Topps Stars 69
    Topps Tip-Off Daily Double
    Topps Tip-Off 20
    Topps Tip-Off 153
    UD Reserve 48 (Gone)
    Ultimate Victory 32
    Ultimate Victory 76
    Ultimate Victory 78 (Gone)
    Ultimate Victory 79 (Gone)
    Ultimate Victory 80
    Ultimate Victory 82 (Gone)
    Ultimate Victory 83
    Ultimate Victory 84 (Gone)
    Ultimate Victory 85
    Ultimate Victory 86
    Ultimate Victory 89
    Ultimate Victory Starstruck S4
    Ultimate Victory The Reel World RW7
    Ultra 185
    Ultra Air Club For Men AC7
    Upper Deck 98
    Upper Deck 191
    Upper Deck 192
    Upper Deck 193
    Upper Deck 194
    Upper Deck 195
    Upper Deck 406
    Upper Deck e-Card EC2
    Upper Deck Game Jersey 2 KGH (Gone)
    Upper Deck Masters of Arts MA4
    Upper Deck Pure Basketball PB7
    Upper Deck Live Action LA1
    Upper Deck Total Dominance TD3
    Upper Deck True Talents TT20
    Upper Deck Encore Performers EP4
    Upper Deck Encore Upper Realm UR6
    Upper Deck Hardcourt 31
    Upper Deck Hardcourt Night Court NC1 (Gone)
    Upper Deck MVP 190
    Upper Deck MVP 190 Silver Script (Gone)
    Upper Deck MVP World Jam WJ7
    Upper Deck Ovation 31
    Upper Deck Ovation Lead Performers LP3
    Upper Deck Pros & Prospects 47 (Gone)
    Upper Deck Pros & Prospects ProActive PA2
    Upper Deck Slam Sample 21
    Upper Deck Slam 32
    Upper Deck Slam Air Supremacy S6
    Upper Deck Slam Power Windows PW2
    Upper Deck Slam Slam Exam SE2
    Upper Deck Victory 121
    Upper Deck Victory 247
    Upper Deck Victory 308
    Upper Deck Victory 309
    Upper Deck Victory 311
    Upper Deck Victory 313
    Upper Deck Victory 315
    Upper Deck Victory 317
    Upper Deck Victory 318
    Upper Deck Victory 319
    Upper Deck Victory 320
    Upper Deck Victory 322
    Upper Deck Victory 323
    Upper Deck Victory 325
    Upper Deck Victory 326
    Upper Deck Victory 327
    Upper Deck Victory 328
    Upper Deck Victory 330


    Fleer Exclusive 25
    Fleer Focus 96
    Fleer Genuine 89
    Fleer Genuine Skywalkers SW5 (Gone)
    Fleer Premium 109
    Hoops Hot Prospects 4
    SPx 51
    Stadium Club 21
    Stadium Club Dunkus Colossus DC5
    Topps Xpectations FT2
    Topps TCC 21
    Topps Chrome Mad Game MG5 (Gone)
    Topps Heritage 50
    Topps Pristine 35 (Gone)
    Ultra 107
    Upper Deck 99
    Upper Deck Flight Team 21
    Upper Deck Game Jersey Edition T2 (Gone)
    Upper Deck Higher Ground HG2
    Upper Deck Slam Center SC12 (Gone)
    Upper Deck Honor Roll 51
    Upper Deck Inspirations 52
    Upper Deck Legends Legendary Floor KG-F (Pending)
    Upper Deck MVP 190


    Bowman Signature Edition SEKG
    Flair 21
    Fleer Box Score 67
    Fleer Box Score Classic Minis CM16 (Gone)
    Fleer Hot Shots 28
    Fleer Hot Shots 158 (Gone)
    Fleer Platinum 15
    Fleer Platinum Portraits 9PP (Gone)
    Fleer Tradition 260
    Fleer Tradition All Stars AS7 (Gone)
    Fleer Tradition Road to the NBA RTN4
    Hoops Hot Prospects 47
    Hoops Stars 2
    SP Authentic 48
    SPx 46
    Stadium Club The Hustlers H4
    Sweet Spot 45
    Topps 30
    Topps 180
    Topps Chrome MG5
    Topps Pristine 32
    Topps Ten 23
    Topps Ten 102
    UD Authentics 46
    UD Authentics Kevin Garnett Heroes of Basketball KG2 0030/1989 (Gone)
    UD Glass 46 (Gone)
    Ultra 158
    Upper Deck 91
    Upper Deck Finite KG/TB-U (Gone)
    Upper Deck Generations 26
    Upper Deck Hardcourt 48
    Upper Deck Hardcourt UD Game Floor/Film KG-FF (Pending)
    Upper Deck Honor Roll 47
    Upper Deck Honor Roll Dual Warm Ups KG/WS-W (Gone)
    Upper Deck Inspirations 48
    Upper Deck MVP 105
    Upper Deck MVP Air Apparent A2
    Upper Deck MVP Moments M6
    Upper Deck Ovation 48


    Bazooka 21
    Bazooka Gold 21
    Black Diamond Jerseys BD-KG (Pending)
    Bowman 60
    Bowman Gold 60
    Bowman Chrome 60
    Flair 80
    Flair Final Edition 55
    Fleer Authentix 34
    Fleer Focus 25
    Fleer Genuine Insider Scoring Threats ST-KG
    Fleer Patchworks 47
    Fleer Patchworks By the Numbers 4
    Fleer Platinum Big Signs 1
    Fleer Showcase 88
    Fleer Tradition 3
    Fleer Tradition 228
    Hoops Hot Prospects 47
    Skybox Autographics 25
    Skybox LE 54
    SPx 47
    Topps 100
    Topps Love It Live LL-KG
    Topps Rookie Matrix 25
    Topps Rookie Matrix Minis 25
    UD Glass 33
    Ultra 52
    Upper Deck MVP 98
    Upper Deck National Trading Card Day UD-6
    Upper Deck Standing O 45
    Upper Deck Standing O DieCuts/Embossed
    Upper Deck Triple Dimension 49
    Upper Deck Victory 54
    Upper Deck Victory 136


    Bowman 21
    E-XL 67
    Fleer Genuine 82
    Fleer Genuine At Large AL/KG (Pending)
    Fleer Showcase Playmakers PM-KG (Gone)
    Fleer Tradition 74
    Fleer Throwbacks 5
    Hoops 132
    Hoops Hot Prospects 38
    Skybox Autographics 55
    SP Authetic 49
    SPx 50
    Sweet Spot 50
    Topps 21
    Topps Rock Rhythm RR-KG
    Topps Chrome 21
    Topps Total 67
    Ultra 170
    Upper Deck 109
    Upper Deck All Star Lineup 50
    Upper Deck Flight Team FT10
    Upper Deck Pro Sigs 50
    Upper Deck Hardcourt Materials HM-KG (Pending)


    Bowman 110
    Finest 86
    Hopps 76
    Reflections 56
    SP Authentic 49
    SP Authentic Essentials 114 0986/2999 (Pending)
    SPx 50
    SPx Winning Combos WC-GS (Pending)
    Sweet Shot 56
    Topps 121
    Topps Chrome 64
    Upper Deck Exquisite Collection 22 137/225 (Pending)
    Upper Deck ESPN 49
    Upper Deck Hardcourt 49
    Upper Deck Rookie Debut 54
    Upper Deck Trilogy The Cutting Edge CE-KG (Pending)


    Finest 16
    Finest 16 Refractor (Gone)
    Flair Showcase Row 2 Section 1 Seat 21 (Gone)
    Fleer 113
    Fleer Team Leaders TL-KG
    Topps 116
    Topps Clutch City Stars CCS19
    Topps Chrome 62
    Topps Turkey Red 48
    Topps Turkey Red TRR-KG (Gone)
    Ultra 93
    Upper Deck Flight Team FT-KG
    Upper Deck Hardcourt Materials HM-KG (Pending)
    Upper Deck Rookie Debut 54


    Artifacts 53
    Bowman 20
    Bowman 20 Silver 045/199
    Bowman Relics BR-KG (Pending)
    Bowman Chrome 20
    Bowman Sterling KG (Gone)
    Finest 25
    Fleer 128
    Hot Prospects 17
    SP Game Used Edition 124 (Pending)
    SP Rookie Threads 22
    Topps 20
    Topps Co-Signers 27
    Topps Trademark Moves 21
    Topps 20 (57-58) Variation
    Topps Own the Game OTG4
    Ultra 106SE
    Upper Deck First Edition 182
    Upper Deck First Edition All-NBA NBA11


    Bowman 5
    Bowman Black 5 (Gone)
    Fleer 2
    Hot Prospects 27
    SP Rookie Threads T-KG (Gone)
    Topps 5
    Topps Chrome 5
    Topps Chrome 20 (57-58)
    Topps Murad 41
    Topps Treasury 25
    Upper Deck 10
    UD Game Jersey GA-KG (Pending)
    Upper Deck Starquest Common SQ-12
    Upper Deck Starquest First Edition SQ-12
    Upper Deck MVP 12
    Upper Deck MVP 172
    Upper Deck MVP Victory 4


    Absolute Spectrum 62 13/25 (Gone)
    Absolute Star Gazing 19 061/100
    Bowman 5
    Certified 78
    Classics 1
    Classics Dress Code 16
    Classics Confrontations 8 (Shaq/Garnett) 010/250 (Gone)
    Donruss Elite 6
    Donruss Elite Teamwork (Gone)
    Panini 4
    Panini Studio 55
    Panini Threads 47
    Prestige 5
    Rookie & Stars 7
    Upper Deck 7
    Upper Deck Draft Edition Alma Mater AM-KG
    Upper Deck Goodwin Champions CCM-KG (Pending)


    Absolute 52 (Gone)
    Classics 52
    Donruss 2
    Panini Gold Standard 67 103/299 (Gone)
    Panini Gold Standard Gold Nuggets 24 178/299 (Gone)
    Panini Threads 94
    Panini Threads Celtics 5 4 (Gone)
    Playoff Contenders 55
    Playoff Contenders Patches #15 (Gone)
    Prestige 7
    Rookie & Stars 4
    Rookie & Stars Longevity 4 (Gone)


    Certified Totally Certified 25 1195/1849 (Gone)
    Hoops 10
    Panini Season Update 16 (Gone)
    Panini Season Update 3 (Gone)

    Not collecting Basketball anymore. My signature has the cards I am looking for!
    Last edited by bakemeister52; 12-13-2012 at 08:02 PM. Reason: Pending Trade Update
    Maurice Jones Drew/Patrick Willis RC/Joe Flacco RC/Matt Forte RC/Doug Martin RC/1984 Football and Emmitt Smith! Derek Jeter in Baseball! James Bond in Non-Sports!

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    Dang, wish I had something decent of what you are looking for...have an Emmitt Smith Pro Set RC, and that's probably about the best...plenty of cards I could use, I'm sure!

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    What do u have that maybe of interest for me?
    Maurice Jones Drew/Patrick Willis RC/Joe Flacco RC/Matt Forte RC/Doug Martin RC/1984 Football and Emmitt Smith! Derek Jeter in Baseball! James Bond in Non-Sports!

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    Maybe a few Jeter base and the Smith RC, otherwise nothing from your sig (except dupe KGs).

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    Pending trade with Garnett_21
    Maurice Jones Drew/Patrick Willis RC/Joe Flacco RC/Matt Forte RC/Doug Martin RC/1984 Football and Emmitt Smith! Derek Jeter in Baseball! James Bond in Non-Sports!

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    :) Thanks for the deal!
    Quote Originally Posted by bakemeister52 View Post
    Pending trade with Garnett_21

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    Anybody else!
    Maurice Jones Drew/Patrick Willis RC/Joe Flacco RC/Matt Forte RC/Doug Martin RC/1984 Football and Emmitt Smith! Derek Jeter in Baseball! James Bond in Non-Sports!

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    ok thats a nice collection. especially interested in the upper deck victory 247, upper deck hard court 31 spx winning materials kg3 and upper deck 98, 191-195. and upper deck 406 ... message me if u wanna work something out

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    Do u have any of cards that are in my signature?
    Maurice Jones Drew/Patrick Willis RC/Joe Flacco RC/Matt Forte RC/Doug Martin RC/1984 Football and Emmitt Smith! Derek Jeter in Baseball! James Bond in Non-Sports!

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    Just updated my KG list, I had 1 completed trade and 3 pending trades so a lot of my KG's cards are done. LMK if you are interested in any of the cards left.
    Maurice Jones Drew/Patrick Willis RC/Joe Flacco RC/Matt Forte RC/Doug Martin RC/1984 Football and Emmitt Smith! Derek Jeter in Baseball! James Bond in Non-Sports!

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