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Thread: 2011 Contenders wanted....

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    2011 Contenders wanted....

    Thinking about getting this set back together. Would love to knock out some low end PWE ones to start. Will look at all.

    Please post what you have and price.
    I only pay via paypal invoice.

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    autos only
    I only pay via paypal invoice.

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    i have plenty if we can get a price together lol
    Due to having a new baby at house. can only send out on fridays and saturdays

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdaddy6988 View Post
    i have plenty if we can get a price together lol
    individual PWE pricing please

    shane vereen on card auto
    ryan williams auto sp/250 no logo
    delone carter on card auto
    dan sanzenbacher auto
    jake locker auto not PWE obviously lol
    I only pay via paypal invoice.

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    I have Daniel Thomas, Delone Carter, Todman no Logo, AJ Green, Ponder, Gabbert, Salas, Brinkley, and Chekwa. LMK if you are interested in any of those just shoot me a pm.

    My wants : Christian Ponder, Adrian Peterson, and Andre Johnson Patches

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    Cmb buddy, I'd love to move some...lmk!
    Looking to trade for or buy these low end letterman cards. This is a project, not looking to trade for great players, and not trading my good players away. Thank you! 2-D, 1-N
    Please, just return a reply or pm, even if just to say no thanks.
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    allday-list me out some prices!
    grims-ill take a look soon!
    I only pay via paypal invoice.

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    I have a few, cmb & lmk which ones you're interested in. Bucket link is TRADE in sig , ... Thx -Dave-

    I Hidden Content by $BV & $SV, but mainly just by Common Sense.

    Currently Collecting RB's, T.Rich, D.Martin, and CJ Spiller.

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    I have the Titus young - $10 pwe. Pm me if interested
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