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    LCS Wednesday Morning Pack break ... 8 Packs = $$$ from 1 box of Bowman Hobby

    Dropped by LCS for a morning bout of pack breaks . 8 Packs is all i need to give me :D

    First are the inserts

    then my parallels and refractors

    and on my 8th Pack i was glad i hit the autograph :)!

    $$$ means i spent less money to pull me the guaranteed auto :p

    but i guess my hapiness doesnt stop there ... it was on my 4th pack when i pulled this

    now thats Christmas $$$ for me ...

    thanks for looking
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    Christmas money for sure,probably with some left over,CONGRATS ON THE ONCE IN A LIFETIME HARPER.
    All my teams stink.

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    Awesome pull with the Harper. Congrats!!

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    Sweet Harper card! I'd be interested in the Kline and Gausman refractors if you'd be willing to trade them.
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    I'm always willing to trade for any Cal Ripken Jr., Nick Markakis, Nolan Reimold, Koji Uehara and other Orioles cards I don't have.

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