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    2011-12 Artifacts Lidstrom Horizontal Emerald /35

    I have been searching fruitlessly for this card to complete my set of Emerald horizontals from last year (including a post on this Forum).

    My question is, does it exist at all?

    Upper Deck's on-line checklist shows it, but I know that there are huge QC problems with their checklists. (E.g., this year's Sapphire Artifacts parallels are not even included in their checklist.)

    I know, as well, that Upper Deck short-printed another horizontal Emerald Red Wing from 2011-12. According to the serial numbers printed on the cards themselves, there are apparently only /15 Shanahan horizontal Emeralds, instead of the usual /35. Is it possible, therefore, that they just punted entirely on a Lidstrom -- or perhaps short-printed it, as well?

    If anyone has any insights or information, please post it. For that matter, if anyone actually has a horizontal Lidstrom Emerald from last year's Artifacts set, please post that information, as well. It would clear up what for me, at least, is a mystery.


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    Does no one have a comment to offer?

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    Sepiroth knows all things 11/12 artifacts...He may even have on ft
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    LF: *12-13 & 14/15 Artifacts: # /125/75/15/5.

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    Sephiroth knows all things 11/12 artifacts...He may even have on ft
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    LF: *12-13 & 14/15 Artifacts: # /125/75/15/5.

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    Thanks. But who is Sepiroth and how does one engage such person?

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    Quote Originally Posted by millerhouse View Post
    Thanks. But who is Sepiroth and how does one engage such person?
    click on community, than member list, than send a pm.
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    LF: *12-13 & 14/15 Artifacts: # /125/75/15/5.

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    Done. Many thanks. We'll see what turns up.

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    I want to apologise for not being there in time to provide an answer about the greek god of cards, 11-12-13 artifacts.

    As the artifacts flagship guy here, I want to show you my response to the well-posed question of millerhouse:

    Anyway, to answer your question, simply put: I don't know for sure. What I do know though, is that I'm scanning the 11-12 artifacts brand one-card-at-the-time on ebay and selloutmycards since the first release of the set, and I never saw a Lidstrom in horizontal fashion. I came at the only possible conclusion: that guy don't exist.

    In that situation, I think it's fair to assume the card is a ghost. I will keep looking for one, and that is going to be a particular day for me if I ever saw one.

    I cannot resume more clearly my thoughts, always hard for me to not speak my native language.

    Let's all be thankfull to the world to offer us a set like artifacts have done in the last two years.
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    I don't know if anyone but Sephiroth and I care, but I did finally locate a horizontal Lidstrom Emerald on Ebay, which I bought this evening to complete my non-autographed 2011-12 Artifacts Emerald set. The apparent reason that it took me so long to find one is that the card is short-printed to /15, like the Shanahan horizontal Emerald.

    Now, where are the other fourteen?!!

    Thanks to everyone who responded.


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    Grats on the white whale
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