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    Adding card backs to image library

    I think you could add a spot for each card in tthe inventory so the backs of the cards can be scanned in as well. Treat it just like you would for the image of he front. The database would be that much better. Other than that you guys are dong a great job.

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    We do not consider adding the back of the card. Mainly with 5 millions + cards , it's already costly to host all the current image. Also image do take reserve ressource while uploading and to store it. I think it's already great we acheive this. remember that free service always cost something. So when we plan the developement, we take the cost in consideration. If we plan for something we can't pay, in time we will not be able to sustain the service. Site like photobucket sell a lot of publicity and it pays for the server. Here the inventory is not only free but also free of publicity. Yet we still have to pay for it all and we need to consider this point in all decision we take.
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    You bring up a great point, I think it's important to upload images that shows both the front and the back of the card for:
    • Cards without a distinctive front/back (Limited Counterparts, Leaf Gold Stars, Dual NHL Logos etc)
    • Cards with the same front as others but with at different back (Blank backs, topps/Opc etc)
    • Cards with a front that changes with the numbering on the back (Limited Phenoms 10/11)
    • Cards with a back that has a random factor (MVP Two-on-Two, Elite Passing the Torch etc), can be helpful for those who search for different swatches or want a "clean" autograph
    • Cards that have the same set-number but is mostly treated as different (Lettermans, Numbers etc).

    The system doesn't prevent us for adding images together, which is more or less the same as having separate images, I think it'd be good if there was a policy for some of these cards with the attributes I've listed. People can easily get confused and it's my understanding that one of the purposes with the inventory-system is to guide and educate the members about the cards and their differences.

    When I take pictures of the cards I'll upload, I'd ask myself:
    • Is the card-back an important factor for collectors?
    • Will the card-back help to answer questions about the set or edition of the card?

    If the answer is yes to one of these questions, I'll try to take an image of the back of the card and then add it to the front-image in paint or a smiliar program.

    Some images that I hopes emphasizes the points I've made:
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    ^^^That's what I try to do with my A&G minis, since they have different backs:

    I think this way works pretty good
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    If i have 2 of a card i will scan both together to get front & back, there are some cards out there with better backs than fronts
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    Member can ulpoad the card they want for their inventory. But for the main card database we only accept them right now in case of cardset where the difference is only visible on the back. This way it is informative and useful. But we do have a front and back image for the card database but I never coded the option to enter the back. Eventually maybe we will do this but it would require a lot of coding change and I do not expect to code this anytime soon. Also it mean to have more disk space and upload, so server ressources to manage the upload and unless we can afford to open this, I will not code this option. But in most case, if when validating the image we see it's the back, we will refuse it for the card database since when we do open the back image possibility, we do not want to have the front showing the back of a card.

    But you can upload it for your inventory. That is allowed but we do prefer and make it easier when member just upload the front. Other site does hold the back so member can still check what the back look like on those site. But for entering a lot of card in my inventory, have only the front is more then enough to figure out if we upload the card in the right set. Also why we will allow a blank back set to upload a image of the fron and back on the same image. But the back only, we will delete the copy made for the database unless the person did not realize it when validating.

    So I definilty prefer member upload front card and not the back. But we can't dictate what you upload for your inventory.
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