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    Looking For SAM GAGNER (Base and All)

    As the title says I am looking for any Gagner..... I will even take base! Or if you are so kind to throw in his base as extras that would be very much appreciated. I will buy or trade for any Gagner. I will also do a mix of buying and trading. As long as I get my Gagner! If you have ANY Gagner just let me know by responding in the thread or send me a message, both are affective.
    Thanks for looking and have a great holiday!
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    I have a 12-13 artifacts emerald /99. lmk. I think I have other cards of his too.
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    pm was sent..
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    pm sent
    I can only afford to trade to Canada with trades BV 50 or more.

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    PM was sent
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    PM was sent
    pm's sent!

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