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    Huge and crossssssssssby PICKUP!

    Sorry for e cheesy title anyway,
    i am fortunate enough to make the biggest addition to the jersey collection ever!
    straight from the PITTSBURGH PENGUIN equipment room and provided to me by the equipment manager!
    A Sidney CROSBY game ready to use jersey as authentic as it gets! This jersey was ready for the kid to use if the one he currently had ripped or got damaged! Signed by the arguably best player in the league!

    Let me know if you think I should frame it I'd really like to get it so it goes nicely with my malkin and ovi autographed jersey!
    Also got 1 box of this I believe it was a hot box?

    All cards are available just send me a comment and ill pm you as my mailbox is screwed, appreciate comments on my jersey pickup as its the coolest one next to my ovi rookie signed jersey!
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    No comments :(
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    Wow great Crosby jersey and nice ultimate break with Eakin! I'd definitely be interested in that
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    WOW amazing Crosby jersey!!!! A real beauty :)
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    Frame it?
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