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    2012 topps chrome RG3 Xfractor and topps prime retail RG3 ft

    looking for 2012 packers or russell wilson.....prefer something as nice in return
    check my trade page for all of my wants

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    Hi, I got a couple of Wilsons. Chrome refractor, chrome xfractor, Platinum orange, R&S Longevity Freshman Orientation G/U. I can use the xfractor, lmk if you'd be interested, if not no worries as I see youd prefer not to trade down, thanks. :)
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    camaropat....cant use that stuff sorry
    check my trade page for all of my wants

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    hey their i have some Packers GU if interested. Couple Cobb RC GU, also have some Rodgers base. shoot me a PM if you would like a list
    Currently looking to trade for 2010-2012 Bowman Chrome autos. I also collect the usual suspects. Trent Rich, RG3, LUCK.I have 100s of cards not uploaded. I can get a list upon request. This is my HOBBY not MY LIFE !

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    i have a wilson orange refractor rc and a clay mathews purple refractor..
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    sorry guys dont see anything i can use
    check my trade page for all of my wants

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    Interested in Russell Pink Refractor, regular refractor and some nice colored Packer refractors for the RGIII Xfractor?
    Always looking for 1960 Topps Baseball upgrades and Minnesota Twins Prospect autographs.

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    sundance kid.......what are the packers that u have???
    check my trade page for all of my wants

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    Check my list and let me know for the RG3 xfractor

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